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4KUS COB-6K Firmware RKG5 Driver - TechSpot

This setting does not 4KUS COB-6K5216 normal copies. Duplication of Source Disc with Bad Tracks: In the operation mode, hold the [SET] button until beep sound. Insert the CD with the firmware upgrade into one of the drives, and wait for the controller to check it. Hold 4KUS COB-6K5216 [SET] button for 3 seconds and then release it.

Then press the [RUN] button to start the firmware upgrade. Push the [SET] 4KUS COB-6K5216 to begin. After the upgrade has been completed, the system must be rebooted. Check the voltage setting before you plug in the duplicator to see if it fits the local standard.


If the setting is incorrect, it may result in the unstable display and damage to the system. Please be aware that the power cord connection of the controller card connects to the card in the opposite way of the DVD drives. Please note that the controller is mainly for you to 4KUS COB-6K5216 and keep 4KUS COB-6K5216 files.

It is not intended to be used as an authentic disc quality tester. Please reload the source to HDD if the firmware in the controller has just been updated. How controller finds the source? Please check the position of drive where the source is put before you run each function. The position of the device 4KUS COB-6K5216 be same as 4KUS COB-6K5216 shown in the display. Special attention should be made to direct DVD drive-to-drive copy.

The DVD controller supports the highest 21 Chapter 4 possible read-out speed in direct copy using the drive models listed 4KUS COB-6K5216. It remains the original setting when system reboot.


However, it will have an effect on the copy quality in direct copy because the DVD drives are not able to read out the data in real time. For example: The source location is determined by the controller and can be either the built-in HDD or one of the drives. Press and hold the [RUN] button for 3 seconds to execute this function. Please refer to chapter 3. The system display will be the same but the process will take longer. You can load data from the source disc to HDD partitions. The original data in the partition will be over written. Users do not have to reset the partitions if the 4KUS COB-6K5216 is for copy instantly since it just needs a partition for work only.

This 4KUS COB-6K5216 overwriting the original data in the partition. Press and hold the [RUN] button for 3 seconds to execute this mode. For details, please refer to chapter 3. Pressing the [SET] button allows you to make changes to all any available functions. Pressing the [RUN] button allows you to change the setup. Most setup options are in parentheses. The content in the parentheses indicates the present setup value. Hold the [SET] button until a beep sounds. It will then exit the setup mode and return to the operation mode. The partition number is formed using 5 digits. The first 2 digits are the I.

This website has neither created nor maintained a driver 4KUS COB-6K5216 affiliated with any of the brands mentioned on this website. The names of specific 4KUS COB-6K5216 found on our website is not an indication that we have direct access to these drivers, nor is it an indication that any of these drivers will be found on your computer after a scan. Download 4KUS COB-6K Firmware RKG5. OS support: Windows 98/Me//XP. Category: Storage Devices.

4KUS COB-6K5216 Firmware RKG5

4KUS. 4kus DH-2P16D Firmware HK January 4KUS COB-6K5216, ; Windows 4kus DVD A DH-4P20A Firmware 9G43. 4KUS COB-6K Firmware RKG5.

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