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InArthur Schuster demonstrated cathode rays could be deflected by electric fieldsand William Crookes showed they could be deflected by magnetic fields. InJ. Thomson succeeded in measuring the mass of cathode rays, showing that they consisted of negatively charged particles smaller than atoms, the first " subatomic particles ", which were later named electrons. The first cathode-ray tube to use a hot cathode was developed by John B. Johnson who gave his name to the term Acer CRT monitors noise and Harry Weiner Weinhart of Western Electricand became a commercial product in Zworykin Acer CRT monitors, [13] who was influenced by Takayanagi's earlier work.

The beam is deflected horizontally by applying an electric field between a pair of plates to its left and right, and vertically by applying an electric field to plates above and below.

Acer AcerView 34E - CRT monitor - 14" Series Specs

Televisions use magnetic rather than electrostatic deflection because the deflection plates obstruct the beam when the deflection angle is as large as is required for tubes that are Acer CRT monitors short for their size. Phosphor persistence[ edit ] Various phosphors are available depending upon the needs of the measurement or display application. The brightness, color, and persistence of the illumination depends upon the type of phosphor used on the CRT screen.

Phosphors are available Acer CRT monitors persistences ranging from less than one microsecond to several seconds. For events which are fast and repetitive, or high frequency, a short-persistence phosphor is generally preferable. Oscilloscope CRTs designed for very fast signals can give a brighter display by passing the electron beam through a micro-channel plate just before it reaches the screen. Through the phenomenon of secondary emissionthis Acer CRT monitors multiplies the number of electrons reaching the phosphor screen, giving a significant improvement in writing rate brightness and improved sensitivity and spot size as well.


The graticule may be permanently marked inside the face of the CRT, or it may be a transparent external plate made of glass or acrylic plastic. An internal graticule eliminates parallax errorbut cannot be changed to accommodate different types Acer CRT monitors measurements.


These are distinct from digital storage oscilloscopes which rely on solid state digital memory to store the image. Where a single brief event is monitored by an oscilloscope, such an event will be displayed by a conventional tube only Acer CRT monitors it actually occurs.

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The use of a long persistence phosphor may allow the image to be observed after the event, but only for a few seconds at best. This limitation can be overcome by the use of a direct view storage cathode-ray tube storage tube. A storage tube will continue to display the event after it has occurred until such time as it is erased. A storage tube is similar to a conventional tube except that it is equipped with a metal grid coated with a dielectric layer located Acer CRT monitors behind the phosphor screen.

An externally applied voltage to the mesh initially ensures that the whole mesh is at a constant potential. This mesh is constantly exposed to a low velocity electron beam from a 'flood gun' which operates independently of the main gun.

This flood gun is not deflected like the main gun but constantly 'illuminates' the whole of the storage mesh. The initial charge on the storage mesh is such as to repel the electrons from the flood gun which are prevented from striking the phosphor screen. Acer CRT monitors

Acer P201WD CRT Monitor

When the main electron gun writes an image to the screen, the energy in the main beam is sufficient to create a 'potential relief' on the storage mesh. The areas where this relief is created no longer repel the electrons from the flood gun which now pass through the mesh Acer CRT monitors illuminate the phosphor screen.

Consequently, the image that was briefly traced out by the main gun continues to be displayed after it has occurred. The image can be 'erased' by resupplying Acer CRT monitors external voltage to the mesh restoring its constant potential.

Cathode-ray tube - Wikipedia

The time for which the image can be displayed was limited because, in practice, the flood gun slowly neutralises the charge on the Acer CRT monitors mesh. Acer AcerView 34E - CRT monitor - 14" overview and full product specs on CNET. Acer AC - CRT monitor - 17" overview and full product specs on CNET.

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