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Click on the Drivers tab. If the Windows version title ends with x64, you do not have the bit version.

Acer Scanner Prisa 620P parallel driver problem with XP

Otherwise, you do. To use this driver in Windows 7 bit, download the.

Acer Parallel Scanner click and choose Extract All. Then find the installer Setup. Click on the Compatibility Tab and check "Always run this program as compatible with" and fill in XP in the drop down menu. Right click again and choose Run As Administrator.

If you have Windows 7 bit, you will need to use a computer with the older version of Windows. So there's a chance that you'll see "banding" effects - obvious transitions between levels in areas where there's meant to be a smooth gradient. The more manipulations you do, and the more of the intensity data you throw away, the worse the banding effects will get. But not if you've got excess bits. If you've got 12 bits of data instead of eight, then you've got 16 times as many intensity values; one-sixteenth of the total range will contain enough intensity values Acer Parallel Scanner make an eight bit image where every value Acer Parallel Scanner the eight bit intensity range can be used.

Most image manipulations don't throw away much of the colour gamut, anyway.


Dumb contrast and brightness adjustments are old hat; every half-decent image editor these days can do the better version, gamma adjustment. Let's say you want to brighten up an image, but without turning Acer Parallel Scanner of the lighter shades to flat white.

Acer AcerScan CP - flatbed scanner - desktop - parallel Specs - CNET

The way you do this is by applying "gamma correction", which brightens or, if reversed, darkens pixels by different amounts depending on Acer Parallel Scanner bright they are to start with. When you do this, the midtone sections of the image will be pushed up into the upper brightness settings.

This is what you want, of course, but there are only so many possible brightness levels a pixel can have. For 24 bit colour or eight bit greyscale, there are only If a chunk of the image that previously occupied the middle 64 brightness levels is bunched up by the gamma curve Acer Parallel Scanner, say, only 30 or so levels higher up the chart, you lose some precision.


You won't see banding in areas of the image that get bunched up, though; the distinctions between colours are still just as small as they were, you're just making more pixels that occupy that particular range of colours. You'll see banding, if there is any, in any ranges of values that get spread Acer Parallel Scanner by the gamma correction. In higher-than-eight-bit-per-channel modes, you've got a lot more intensity values to play with in the first place. You lose precision just the same as you do in lower bit depths, but the loss won't be visible until you've done quite a lot of processing. In the real world, image tweaking is seldom severe enough that eight bit grey or 24 bit colour is inadequate. Comparing a bit-scanned version with a bit-scanned one may show you a slight difference, but you've got to look closely.

It's not worth getting excited about.

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Big bit depths are also handy when you're blending images together, but that's not something scanners have to do. But it certainly doesn't hurt to have extra bit depth, especially when you're not paying a big premium for the privilege. There are plenty of cheap scanners with 30 or 36 bit output, but 42 bit is unusually good at this Acer Parallel Scanner point. The driver The driver is the most important piece of software that comes with a scanner. Dud bundled-in image editing software can be replaced with the package of your choice, but you're almost definitely stuck with the driver the manufacturer provides.

Acer Scanner 1240UT

Acer Parallel Scanner There's no separate image acquisition program; you use the driver for everything. The driver's really only got one flaw. A full-bed preview scan - which you do to set your scan areas and other setting properly - on the UT takes about 17 seconds. This isn't particularly fast, but neither is it slow. Unfortunately, MiraScan doesn't Acer Parallel Scanner you interrupt the pre-scan when you've seen all you need to see.

Acer Scan P Flatbed Scanner for sale online eBay

It doesn't actually Acer Parallel Scanner you the preview in real time at all - Acer Parallel Scanner does its 17 second thing, and then shows you what it saw. And if you hit the abort button before the preview's finished, you don't get to see a thing. You don't need to do a full-bed scan if you've just put a photo at the top of the scan bed, and you don't need to do a full-bed preview scan either.


But MiraScan disagrees. Many other cheap scanners have drivers that display the preview progressively as it's done, and let you stop it at any point without losing the preview image.

If you're doing a lot of scanning of less-than-full-page items, this simple feature can save quite a bit of time. Acer Parallel Scanner with the UT, though. Apart from the pre-scan annoyance, the Acer scanner driver is excellent. It's got a full set of automatic features, but it doesn't insist on using them for everything.

Acer AcerScan CP - flatbed scanner - desktop - parallel overview and full product specs on CNET. Acer AcerScan P - flatbed scanner - desktop - parallel overview and full product specs on CNET.

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