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MAC Addict Review: Poor color reproduciton.

Printed colors do not match colors seen on your monitor. Only prints at Alps MD-5000P with Adobe PhotoShop 4. Dye-sublimation upgrade improves resolution but makes color reproduction worse.

Alps MD-5000 Standard Thermal Printer

Printing with the the dye-sublimation upgrade enabled requires Alps MD-5000P expensive ink cartridges and paper. Device driver property options don't work Alps MD-5000P specified. Most ALPS tech support representatives do not seem to understand color management, and none of them could adequetly explain how the ". Photographic cartridges required for dye sublimation are difficult to find in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Page Page 11 Step 1 Prepare the Image to be Printed Use any application to create the image or document you want to print. Page 12 For automatic feeding, load the guide sheet supplied with the paper into the sheet feeder, placing the printed side facing down.

Then, place the Photographic-Quality Paper on the guide sheet. Only the glossy side of the Alps MD-5000P graphic-Quality Paper is printable, so be sure to load the sheets with the glossy, printable side up. Page 14 When the following notice window appears, confirm the contents and click OK.

Alps MD-5000

ALPS MD print out a very thin waterproof continuous tone layer using a heat process called dye sublimation. You can even compare this to a inkjet. You might get better resolution from some cheap inkjet but there are also better dye sublimation printers out there. For the average enthusiast this printer is too versatile to ignore. You can even transfer Alps MD-5000P photos to other items such as mugs. There should be no scores below average for this printer. One of the main downsides is they are Alps MD-5000P, have too many moving parts and have some slight banding effects in 2 directions that I did not notice with my Primera Pro Elite Dye Sub Printer.


This printer is compatible with XP and has decent color rendition. Read full review This item doesn't belong on this Alps MD-5000P. Alps claims the printer's output is waterproof, smear-proof, and fade-proof.


It's Alps MD-5000P soon to tell how well the images stand up to sunlight, but unlike the output from most ink-jets, images from this printer are definitely waterproof and smear-proof. The MD produces some of the sturdiest Alps MD-5000P printed images we've seen.

Alps MD Specs - CNET

The MD produces durable output, and the company's specialty ribbons offer printing options not available with today's Alps MD-5000P ink-jet models. Lighter shades are created by leaving dots of unprinted white. Some printers, such as dye-sublimation, control the size of the dots and produce continuous-tone images that rival photography. But most printers create dots that are essentially the same size no matter how much of a particular color is needed. For all shades beyond the eight that are produced by overlaying the primaries, the printer generates a varied pattern of differently colored dots. For example, the printer uses a combination of 1 magenta dot to two of cyan to produce a deep purple. For most shades of color, the dots of ink Alps MD-5000P not printed on top of each other.

Instead, they are offset slightly, a process called dithering.

The eye accommodatingly blends the dots to form Alps MD-5000P desired shade as it hides Alps MD-5000P jagged edges, or jaggies, produced by the dots. Dithering can produce nearly 17 million colors. The type of paper used in color printing affects the quality of the hard copy.

Dithering is more apparent on inkjets Inkjet Printers--Inkjet printers spray ink through tiny jets, or nozzles, onto the paper. All in all, inkjet printers deliver great and affordable results, but there are some downsides. The ink from an inkjet printer tends to migrate, or spread out, on the paper, making the print look less sharp because the "dot" is less defined. This is Alps MD-5000P you get jaggies Alps MD-5000P jagged text.


A harder, less absorbable paper, such as paper with a Alps MD-5000P surface, helps contain ink migration, but Alps MD-5000P ink might take a few minutes to dry. You should handle a page, especially one with a lot of dense color on it, with care. Inkjets can be slow. It takes a lot of time for the print head to scan across the page and deliver ink. There are printers that are designed specifically for printing photos which give good detail and very accurate color.

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Although you can use plain paper to get a quick draft image printed, a better paper grade, such as a good-quality laser paper, yields better results. Learning to Use the Many Functions of Your Printer. The MDP not only prints outstanding monochrome and full color Alps MD-5000P but also offers a wide variety. The Alps MD Photographic-Quality Color Printer is a Micro Dry thermal resin printer capable of or dots per inch printing for both monochrome and full color images.

Alps also uses Micro Dry inks, which are ribbon-style cartridges, to apply ink to the paper.

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