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The men 4 wear their hair hanging down over their foreheads and rather long behind.

The women's 'buja ', or, as it is called by others 'guayuco', or, 'queyu' Amigo AMI-515AE Modem attached to a similar cord, and is made sometimes of the inner bark of the. Kakarelli tree ' Lecythis ollaria ' beaten until it is comparatively soft and of the texture of thick rough cloth ; sometime sit is made of other fibre 6 ; of beads, etc. The Waraus who mix with Spanish or English speaking people usually wear clothes.


According to Dr. Plassard7, the Waraus are musicians.

He found also among them2 more than among1 other tribes the custom of bewailing the dead with great lamentations. Sometimes they bury Amigo AMI-515AE Modem dead in the hut of the deceased which is then burnt down. Plassard says 3 they sometimes place the dead body on a kind of barbecue, or they roll it up in a hammock. In Raleigh's time 4: Historical notices.

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Amigo AMI-515AE Modem Waraus are found not only on the islands of the Orinoco Delta, and in the North-West District of British Guiana, but also up the Corentyne, the river forming the boundary between British and Dutch Guiana: We have seen that in the eighteenth century they were also to be found up the Mahaica and Mahaicony Greeks in Demerara. Bancroft locates them chiefly between Demerara and Surinam, his words are 5a: They inhabit only the low, wet, marshy places, adjacent to the sea, and live chiefly on crabs and fish ". Hartsinck found them up the Berbice River and especially on the Ganje Greek 6. He says, writing in Rio de Berbice and the rivers and creeks belonging to it are, besides the Arowaks and Acquowayen, also inhabited by Warouws, The Warouws are of a thoroughly lazy nature, and unclean in person besides.

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Some subsist in fair numbers around the fort and about our plantations, prominent among these i. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be in Amigo AMI-515AE Modem now. Bonaparte3 places ' Warrons'on the Gorentyne, just below the mouth of the Kauri Creek, and on the Nickerie.

John Ogilvie who knows that river has told the writer he has found them as high up the river as the Amigo AMI-515AE Modem Cataract. Hancock has called attention to a close resemblance he had noticed between the Waraus, as described by Hilhouse, and the coast tribes of the Amazon 5.

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He says: His oldest legends are of high mountains and caves and rabbits all far removed from the Delta, but the fact that he has named the whole swamp Amigo AMI-515AE Modem part of Amigo AMI-515AE Modem hill country near Morawhanna in British Guiana as 'Wauno' the Craneand, 'Ma-baruma' my grater shows that he has been a visitor for a considerable period, probably as long as the Spaniard. Level refers2 to the Waraus as 'desprendidos de los montes', i.


What exactly is meant by this Amigo AMI-515AE Modem is not, perhaps, easy to explain. Whatever their origin we find Waraus and Garibs engaged in war. Thus a Dutch Despatch, of Dec.

It was Amigo AMI-515AE Modem by theCaribs, who burnt it. Notwithstanding these difficulties, I have been able, by incessant work, and at some expense, to bring within the pale of civilized and Christian society 1.

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Thus, helping each other, all are benefited, the Indian by the material reward he receives from the industry and religion learned from the Spaniard, and the Spaniard by the labour of the Indian's hands, which he rescues from idleness and applies to labour and agriculture. This planis both useful and suitable for settling the desert country round this capital, and there are no wild Indians, except the Guaraunos, for more than leagues But means fail me for the complete reduction of the Guaraunos, It was Amigo AMI-515AE Modem these compulsory settlements which induced the Waraus to flee from the Oronico to the then Dutch territory as Gravesande records A letter of F.

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Mariano da Cervera, dated Dolores, Dec. I had with me only two soldiers, and Guayanos from Caroni.

It proved a short and successful 'entrada', as in few days I finished my fishing, and started back Amigo AMI-515AE Modem souls, of whom all but 8 reached this place, they escaped us at San Antonio, although later on they were recaptured ". Date Release: 20 Jun Date Update: 1 Jul Version: v Filename, WinME_Vzip.

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