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If the disk isn't blank and has been used in a 3Ware array before, see the steps below about deleting the array and starting over. Alternately, you can put the disk in a standalone Linux or Unix box and use the following command to zero out the first few tracks to make the RAID controller think it is blank assuming the disk is in the hdc slot: Select the new, blank disk and the existing RAID array i. AMMC 3Ware 9650SE9690SA can try accepting the default setting to "Halt on source errors", the first time around. Press F8 to save the changes and continue with booting answer the obvious questions, first.


Once the machine boots up, the array should rebuild itself after about 10 minutes have elapsed. It may take several hours. Your only absolute clue that it is done is when the activity light on the controller card a tiny, chip LED just beside the IDE connectors on theor next to the J3 connector on the S-LP stops flashing. However, while the array is being rebuilt, the activity lights on any removable drive bays, or any lights AMMC 3Ware 9650SE9690SA to the status light AMMC 3Ware 9650SE9690SA pins will be on almost solidly and, if 3DM is installed, you will see an indicator that the array is being rebuilt as well as a percentage progress indicator on the 3DM Web page.

Download driver AMCC 3ware 9690SA SAS/SATA RAID Controller

Or, you could just run the rebuild overnight, while you're napping. Observe the state of the array. If the newly added drive is marked unused and the array marked degraded, the array AMMC 3Ware 9650SE9690SA not get rebuilt properly.

Shut AMMC 3Ware 9650SE9690SA the machine. Remove the original, good disk. Boot up the machine with only the disk to be deleted in the array. Select the array which will now be marked incomplete and then select Delete. Shut down the system, reinsert the original, good disk and boot the machine back up.


Make sure all of the disks that will be in the array are installed in the machine. The original, good disk should be in AMMC 3Ware 9650SE9690SA 0, if possible. Select the new, disk and the existing RAID array.

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This time, select the "Ignore source errors" setting. Once the machine boots up, the array should rebuild itself after about 10 minutes have elapsed see above for how to tell when its done.

  • Illumos-gate Wdiff usr/src/cmd/hwdata/
  • /usr/share/misc/
  • 3ware Network RAID Controller Cards eBay
  • AMMC 3Ware 9650SE/9690SA Firmware 9.5.2
  • 3Ware / LSI 9650SE-8LPML Windows 10" to make a duplicate of a good drive from a working array.


    Start with the original drive in Slot 0 and the clone drive in Slot 1. Follow the steps for AMMC 3Ware 9650SE9690SA from a degraded array.

    Once the array with the new drive has been rebuilt, you can shut down the machine and remove the new drive. You should be able to move the new drive to another controller card and proceed to build a working array from it with a second new drive. Meanwhile, when you insert the original Slot 1 drive back into the system, the RAID controller will degrade the array and you will have to rebuild it again. You should first delete the prior array information from the original Slot 1 drive, as outlined above, either by removing the Slot 0 drive and then deleting the array or by using dd to write zeros over the first few tracks. Copying A AMMC 3Ware 9650SE9690SA If you are having problems with an array and want a spare copy of the good drive e.

    Once you've done this, in the case of a failing drive you can do your blasting on the copied drive and save the old drive, just in case your recovery efforts don't succeed and you need to go back. For just straight copies, you can put the original drive back in the array and it should start up without the need to rebuild. Boot the machine and copy the entire original disk to the new disk. This script named copydisks can be used to ensure no mistakes: Used to ensure accurate copying and no screw-ups from typos, etc. After you've copied the whole disk, you can keep it for back-em-up porpoises.

    If you want to put the disk into the existing RAID array, use it to build a totally new array for a duplicate machine, or for some other procedure that requires it be connected to a 3Ware controller, you will first need to alter the disk serial number in the first track of the drive. When the 3Ware controller builds the array, it puts the serial numbers of the drives in the array into a control block that it writes to the first track of each of the array's drives. The act of copying the drive makes the serial AMMC 3Ware 9650SE9690SA be mismatched i.

    To make the copy acceptable to a 3Ware controller, you need to use your favorite disk editing program to locate the original disk's serial number and update it to the new disk's serial number. At that point, you should be able to proceed, using the new disk, as outlined above in "Recovering From A Disk Failure". Expanding An Array's Size Expanding an array's size is complicated principally by the fact that the only thing that will touch the array's drives is the 3Ware controller. You could try putting two controller cards in one system, as there is no physical reason preventing it.

    AMCC 3ware 9650SE-4LPML PCIe x4 RAID Controller Card

    However, the crap operating system software especially Linux out there may not be too keen on booting up this configuration. Better to use a separate IDE drive as a temporary copy buffer, as outlined in the following steps incidentally, these steps asume you're expanding a Linux drive, not Windows: Free Download AMMC 3Ware SE/SA Firmware (Firmware). Version of the AMCC RAID Software and Firmware provides the AMMC 3Ware 9650SE9690SA features and benefits to the 3ware SE and SA model. RAID controllers.

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