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To enable successful overclocking, you may also freely choose the core voltage in increments of 0. Another nice feature is the variety of boot AOpen AK73-1394(A) VIA Audio. IWill placed the big capacitors far away from the CPU socket, which should allow the usage of any cooler you like.

VIA KT133 / 133A Motherboards

Last but not least this motherboard scored some pretty good results, combined with excellent reliability and a complete shipment. Overclockers should become very happy with the various features, AOpen AK73-1394(A) VIA Audio that this board is definitely one of the most powerful and flexible Athlon platforms right now. That's how IWill's new plastic box looks like. There is also a little PC speaker already on board, which makes the case speaker obsolete. The capacitors have been spaced out around the CPU socket, not causing any obstruction to large coolers.

VIA KT133A Motherboard Roundup - June 2001

An AC97 sound system with three line-in connectors AOpen AK73-1394(A) VIA Audio present as well as two fan headers. The sample motherboard we received seems to use an early BIOS version, even though the board comes labeled with revision 3, as the performance has not been as good as what we are used from MSI.

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AOpen AK73-1394(A) VIA Audio As you could see with the Asus board, a simple BIOS update can easily improve the overall performance by some points. I'm quite sure that this is also possible with the K7T Turbo. They will always inform the user about the system status during boot up. Due to the sample box, we did not get the full retail shipment as well. However, stability-problems were absolutely no issue with this motherboard.


January 8, NMC also jumped onto the "overclocking train", giving the user a vast set of valuable options: The two USB hubs can be AOpen AK73-1394(A) VIA Audio or disabled separately. Like Epox, NMC placed two digits on the motherboard to allow the user to check the system status while booting.

The Features - AOpen AK Socket-A KT ATX

In the vicinity of the CPU socket you can see several big capacitors, which could cause problems with some CPU coolers. Talking about coolers, NMC decided to cool the VTA North Bridge chip with an active fan, which is the best decision if one wants to create a highly overclockable motherboard.

The sound system is ACcompliant and provides three line-in connectors. Three fan headers have been placed on the motherboard, giving the user enough options to attach fans.

The box is quite complete: Another jumper is required to adjust the processor bus clock: The retail box contains a quick start guide, a driver CD, some flat cables and a 8-in-1 bonus pack, consisting of Norton Ghost, Norton Anti VirusAdobe ActiveShare, Acrobat Reader, a shopping assistant software called appio, X-Stop internet security, cute dialer and Imagemore cliparts. In terms of performance, the Soyo board was not able to place itself at the top of the AOpen AK73-1394(A) VIA Audio bed.

AK(A) AOPEN Motherboard Mainboard Driver Manual BIOS

That's the sticker which Soyo puts on the socket. Even a piezo speaker has been placed on the motherboard. The CPU socket is surrounded by several huge capacitors.


Only two fan headers are available in order to attach additional fans - that's quite unusual for Tyan, as other models come with three or even four headers. Just the option to increase the CPU core voltage is missing. In my opinion the lack of even faster clock selection up to MHz is no disadvantage, as such high clock rates usually do not run reliable any more. AOpen AK73-1394(A) VIA Audio again Tyan provided a stable motherboard with AOpen AK73-1394(A) VIA Audio of hardware features.

Specifications: CPU: Slot A Support AMD Slot A Athlon CPU FSB MHz - Chipset: VIA KX VIA B - Main Memory: PC SDRAM. Model, AK(A). CPU: Socket A Support AMD Athlon XP/Athlon/Duron CPU FSB MHz. Chipset: VIA KTA AOpen AK73-1394(A) VIA Audio B. Main Memory: PC SDRAM.

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