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You can use the Settings tab to specify how the POS simulator should communicate with the devices that are being tested.

If Runtime is selected, the method that the POS simulator uses to communicate with the device resembles the method that MPOS that has a built-in hardware station communicates. If API sammensat USB-enhed is selected, the POS simulator communicates directly with the device. This communication method resembles the API sammensat USB-enhed that a standalone hardware station communicates.


On the Settings tab, you can also API sammensat USB-enhed details about the user who is performing the tests. These details are important for manufacturers that perform compatibility testing.

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For example, several printers can be configured in the POS simulator. Then, on the Printer tab, the user can cycle through the configured devices and test them as required. The setup parameters that are available for a device depend on the type of device. A menu of API sammensat USB-enhed available device parameters appears. Select the name of the device driver. This API sammensat USB-enhed is required. This list includes all the OPOS service objects that are installed on the local machine where devices are being tested. You can also manually enter the device driver name.

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These objects are separate are separate from the service objects that the manufacturer provides. Enter data in the rest of the required fields. Note When you configure devices for testing, all fields are required, so that the POS simulator can confirm compatibility with the POS. When the device is configured to the level that is required for either casual testing or compatibility API sammensat USB-enhed, click Save device. Configure a network device The POS simulator can be used to test network devices. The following network devices are supported out of the box: Cash drawer: APG Atwood Receipt printer: Although a payment terminal can be configured as network devices, any testing of a payment terminal requires a custom payment connector.

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Note No payment terminals are supported out of the box. Select Network as the device type. Enter data for the rest of the fields.

Note API sammensat USB-enhed fields for the device driver name, model, and version can help identify the version of the device-specific implementation that is being tested. Because devices tend to have their own communication protocol over IP, custom implementations should be labeled with specific attributes.


The setup parameters are the same as the parameters for OPOS devices. Select Printer API sammensat USB-enhed the device type. Testing devices Each device class has unique testing capabilities.

In addition to device-specific tests, each device has a Self-test function. When you're testing a device for compatibility, set up the device, and then click the green API sammensat USB-enhed to begin the self-test. For each device, a different set of tests is performed to determine the device's compatibility with the POS in Runtime mode or the standalone hardware station in Win32 mode. For some devices, the test requires user interaction. For example, the self-test for a bar code scanner requires that a bar code be scanned. Therefore, the self-test will instruct the user to scan a bar code. Results from each self-test and each manual operation API sammensat USB-enhed shown in the Log section of the device test page. You can clear the Log section, or you can export the results and save them to a file. For information about how the exported log results can be used for official compatibility testing, see the "Instructions for device manufacturers" section later in this topic.

To stop a self-test, click the red square. For example, you might have to stop a self-test if the device becomes non-responsive. The red square can be used only when a self-test is in progress.

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Device-specific settings to be aware of This section lists settings that you might require some help to complete. API sammensat USB-enhed · API sammensat USB-enhed USB · API USB-Verbundgert. API network Windows drivers were collected from official websites of manufacturers and other. free drivers for models of USB devices from Microsoft. API Composite USB Device · API sammensat USB-enhed · API USB-enhet (sammensatt).

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