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The Frank A. Good Edition: First Edition; First Printing.


Store Description We sell books both antiquarian and used,vintage ephemera, all kinds of collectible paper, ie: We recently closed our open Argosy EN-235 after 18 years, but retained all of our 60, book inventory and now sell exclusively on-line. We answer all our e-mail as soon as we receive it. All items are very carefully packaged for shipping. Visit Seller's Storefront Terms of Sale: I've had a Royalex Argosy for several years. It's a pretty decent Argosy EN-235 around" design: It would be acceptable to camp out of if you didn't bring the kitchen sink.

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Stability when leaned moderately is good, but it gets twitchy when leaned hard. The adjustable seat in the Royalex version is annoying - the mechanism rattles loudly when car topping, and it will pop out of your chosen setting if you bump it with your feet while moving around in the boat. Neat idea, though. Overall, the Argosy EN-235 does nothing well, but it does a little of Argosy EN-235 acceptably.

I tested the Wenonah After reading numerous Argosy reviews with stability concerns I wasn't sure what would happen. At 6'1" and lbs I may not be the typical paddler, but once I tested the secondary stability Argosy EN-235 fell in love with the Argosy's responsiveness. It was like comparing the handling of an F4 Phantom to a C Hercules. Great design Wenonah. After making several river Check the other reviews and my following experience. I have owned about 20 different canoes I just paddled the rocky twisty lower Green River river in NC where quick turns and precise lines are required since only one turbine was running at the upstream dam. Try that in most narrow beam solo boats! That is excellent initial stability. The flat bottom allows for this capability that my other solo boats do not.

I am now selling my Dagger Sojourn and possibly my whitewater boat because this wonderful canoe does it all. As a dedicated solo I recently test-paddled one and to my surprise found a very lively boat - actually, a little too much so for my liking. Initial stability is moderate to low, much like the Yellowstone Solo; but unlike the YS, secondary stability is excellent, even with the Prism-type tumblehome.

Argosy EN-235 And its responsiveness to paddler input is extremely high. I paddled the Tuf-Weave layup and it seemed plenty rigid, with none Argosy EN-235 the oil-canning another reviewer mentioned. I quickly learned that it must be leaned to track with any degree of ease, and like my other solo boats, the more it's leaned the easier it is to track. After finally getting it to go straight, I did some freestyle moves like box strokes, gimbles, posts, axles, and sideslips, as well as paddling backwards. Aside from being overly responsive to weight shifts, it seemed very agile, almost "squirrely.


What bothered me about the Argosy is its stability. Argosy EN-235 goes from extremely tippy to extremely stable with a very noticeable lack of transition between the two.

It was easy to find the Argosy EN-235 of secondary stability because the boat fairly bounces back, but there is no "sweet spot" as in the Wildfire and Independence. Those two boats will hold a lean angle precisely as asked; the Argosy is very unstable until leaned to nearly its limit.

Freightliner ARGOSY CAT C15 for sale in Kempton Park - ID: - AutoTrader

This makes for an unpredictable boat that is ill-suited to being paddled flat and is rather uncooperative with only a moderate angle of heel. Wenonah's write-up is accurate, except I can't recommend the Argosy for rivers wider than about 30 feet or where wind is likely to be an issue. It reminded me most of a Bell Wildfire but with less initial stability. Argosy EN driver. Argosy Network Drivers. enexe (For all windows, Pcmcia networkcard 10/) This site maintains listings of network drivers available. Download Argosy EN driver for Network card, Argosy EN-235 software versions available here.

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