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Basically I can modprobe my soundcard but not aplay -l it.


Been thinking about this for a couple days. Goofy thought that I am willing to be wrong on: Is the USB sound card being seen perhaps as a CD or other media type, rather than a sound card device? Amazingly I've just put my usb sound card in today Asound H-8738-4C a little popup comes up and tells me that a sound card has been detected and I should change the settings in sound preference! This never happened before, so perhaps it has something to do with the latest kernel upgrade. Whatever the reason it is definitely a good thing, as my usb sound card is now being detected and is listed when I run aplay -l: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: I have unmuted the channels and I'm seeing flashing lights on the device when I play music so I must be cose.

D escape September 21st, But the probelm just got solved all by itself! Now I have the same problem again. I don't remember what exactly I did last time because I did nothing! So, I tried reinstalling a fresh copy of alsa Asound H-8738-4C in the guide.


I also compiled a driver my first Linux compilation! And the strange thing is that a program like Beep used to say that another program is occupying my card. Now it stopped saying so, Asound H-8738-4C I still have no audio.

The audio is not completely lost. Say for a 5 minute song, I get audio for about half a second, but this happens randomly and not at a specific Asound H-8738-4C and doesn't happen everytime. I am a Linux beginner by the way. When I first installed drapper drake it did not recognize my internal sound card.

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But then again, ubuntu did not recognize it automatically, so what I did was follow this guide and when I write "aplay -l " into the terminal, I get that the sound card has been installed, and even the alsamixer shows me volume controls and volume icon on the desktop works, but when I run anything to do with sound, even a flash player, the program, being firefox or any music player, breaks down and makes the program crash. I have to go into the system monitor to shut that process down. I think I might have messed up somewhere around the module part, because that was when everything started to get Asound H-8738-4C, before then the video or flash would work without sound, but now it does not let the video run at all. But I get lost on step 1. Backup the Config.


Asound H-8738-4C Configure. Backup if there is already one. Extract the tar file by 'tar xvzf cmpci-xx. Config cm driver by 'make menuconfig', 'make config' or 'make xconfig' command.

Resident mode not tested. Compile the kernel if necessary. Compile the modules by 'make modules'. Before first Asound H-8738-4C to run the driver, create module dependency by 'depmod -a' 2.

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To install the driver manually, enter 'modprobe cmpci'. Driver installation for various distributions: Slackware 4. Caldera OpenLinux 2. RedHat 6. Therefore, if anyone can help me, I would be very grateful, because for a straight month I have not heard a single thing from my computer. And I have tried a lot more things than I write here and nothing has worked so please help. Maybe its something simple because I think I am very close on making it work, but then again I am so new at this Asound H-8738-4C drapper drake that I do not even know even why some things dont work. - SEO Checker

So thanks for the help. Chaco September 23rd, I'm not sure how Asound H-8738-4C this will help, but "sudo modprobe snd-" doesn't work for anyone Asound H-8738-4C you have to use the name of the appropriate sound module, such as, "sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel" that's the one my computer uses.

If you type "sudo modprobe snd-" and then hit tab, you'll get a list of all possible matches that start with "snd-". Download FREE Drivers, Manuals, Utilities and other files for Asound Sound Card & Multimedia & MP3. Drivers FREE for Sound Card & Multimedia & MP3 Asound Asound Gold ISA Card AS ALS · Asound HC · Asound HI. 4 Channel Low Profile PCI Sound Card with AC97 3D Audio Effects, CMI, Works, r r, Wave Out is present but system crashes when playing a sound (ALS official driver AC, CMI/PCI-SX HRTF, Works, r.

reactos\drivers\wdm\audio\legacy\wdmaud\wdmaud.h. Asound H-8738-4C

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