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Currently only few games support multi-texturing, but in the future, more games will and the Banshee might suffer then. But for time being it does it's job well.

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Definitely one has to get the newest drivers from Creative's web-site. But Asus AGP-V3200 Series the Creative drivers are not as updated as the Banshee reference drivers on 3Dfx web-site, people who want best performance must either wait for Creative to update their drivers or forgo the extra options and get the reference drivers from 3Dfx for more performance. Since the Banshee is a 0.


ASUS has done a good of adding a heat sink and fan, this does help in cooling the chip down considerably but I think it is of a rather poor quality when compared to the Canopus Spectra 's one. When over-clocking the card to over MHz the heat is kinda high compared to the default MHz. Although it worked very well on my system, there is word that the drivers are still not matured enough and may cause some problems in running games for some unlucky systems. Back to top. The Banshee Showdown. ASUS seem to be fairly interested in the 3D arena lately and seem to be doing quite a good job.

The V is fairly simple in its design Asus AGP-V3200 Series no additional fancy full things. Keeping the cost down.

Also with additional features users then to get lost and end-up not knowing what to do and at some point getting even frustrated. The reason I highlight these points are that in many other video cards, their FAQ is far too simple to help in trouble and is almost never needed. The manual pain-stakingly outlines the installation in every common OS, the card was intended to be used. Therefore the Banshee has a huge marketing field. A marked improvement from other chipsets especially when Asus AGP-V3200 Series working at high resolutions.

So this is one more reason besides games Asus AGP-V3200 Series buy a new Banshee video card. The Benchmarks. The drivers at the ASUS Web-site are not so updated as the reference Banshee drivers at 3Dfx, which is better, tweaked for performance. Overall the Performance is very good in all areas considering it's running on an Intel Celeron. After running a few D3D games, I found the Banshee really meet all aspect of what a 3D accelerator should be. Game play was smooth and jerkiness was not visible even with full 3D features were turn on and set to full.

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People complain that 3Dfx set the limit to only 16Bit while other provide Asus AGP-V3200 Series to 32Bit color rendering, however, these games move so fast that they actually don't make a difference at all. First person games like Quake2 were pretty smooth when set to Xthis resolution is quite acceptable to games standard. If you are a true hardcore game and require at setting of X or higher, then you should be willing Asus AGP-V3200 Series pay the premium of an SLI configured Voodoo2.


The Banshee regardless of which manufacturer is catered towards the home user gamer, brining in solid 3D performance and good 2D graphics. Between manufactures there really is not much difference in performance the human eye can actually catch. However, Asus AGP-V3200 Series an end user it is the features and package that should catch your eye. However, this is not to tell you to get Asus AGP-V3200 Series low-end Taiwanese manufacturer board that is of low quality. The previously announced Redline chipset was never released, but the V will be an improved version of this technology.

The SiS has relatively weak 3D performance but is a popular choice for built-in video on motherboards using an SiS chipset. About the Author Scott Mueller has sold more than two million copies of his best-seller Upgrading and Repairing PCs since it became an instant classic in Whether you're a gamer, video or graphics professional, this table will help you sort out the confusing world Asus AGP-V3200 Series video chipsets. Please check back later. Join Sign In. All rights reserved. Permedia3 Create! AGP-V Series.

Support. AGP-V Series. Product Support for AGP-V Manual ( bytes) AGP-V User Manual.

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