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I simply needed a computer for writing emails, browsing the internet, writing papers, creating Power Point presentations, working with Excel spreadsheets, syncing with a PDA, watching DVD movies, and listening to music.

My new computer had to have a built-in wireless card, a DVD-ROM drive, a long battery life, an audio output port for connecting headphones or external speakers, and USB ports. The most important feature, however, was a price that a student can afford.

ASUS U31JG-A1 Keyboard, Touchpad, Screen and Speakers

Most of these brands came with price tags that placed them just beyond my reach. Although I knew that Hewlett Packard and Compaq made affordable computers, I associated these brand names with heavy, bulky notebooks. After a few weeks of searching for an affordable computer that satisfied my demands, I discovered the Compaq Presario V and its Hewlett Packard cousin, the DV I checked out both of these models at a local office supply store. I was surprised to find the HP and Compaq names on smaller, more compact notebooks. Much has been written about the similarities and differences between these two computers. For my needs, the only obvious advantage I saw in the DV over the V was the Quick Play feature, which allows you to watch movies or listen to CDs without going Asus U31JG Notebook Synaptics Touchpad a complete Windows start-up.

Because I could not see myself using this feature very often, I decided to buy the slightly less expensive Compaq V, which is marketed as the "take it anywhere" model in the Presario line. Purchase I found that I could get the best price on a V by ordering a custom notebook on the HP website. Customizing the V allowed me to save money by downgrading some of the options that were not very important to me. I saved even more by taking advantage of HP's student discount. The major decisions in customizing my V were the operating system, the processor, the display, memory, hard drive size and speed, CD drive, battery, and wireless option.

The configuration I purchased is as follows: Intel Pentium M -- 1. The HP website seems to always be offering specials or rebates. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a coupon code for additional savings.


Shipping to most states in the US does not incur a sales tax. I was very happy Asus U31JG Notebook Synaptics Touchpad these prices, but the only drawback to ordering a custom notebook on the website is that it may take a few weeks to deliver. My computer took 13 days from order to delivery. The inside of the notebook is silver, and the top and bottom are black plastic. The specs from the website report the weight as 5.


I was pleasantly surprised when I first picked it up -- the computer looks as though it should be a lot heavier than it is. The widescreen design allows for a very functional screen size that does not make the computer too bulky or heavy. The thickness of the computer is Asus U31JG Notebook Synaptics Touchpad at the rear 1.

This puts the keyboard at a slight upward angle, which turns out to be a comfortable ergonomic feature. But it may look strange when you first close the display and notice the top is not level.

ASUS U31JG-A1 Keyboard, Touchpad, Screen and Speakers

Asus X53E battery We like how easy it is to personalize the Start Screen, whether you want to pin Asus U31JG Notebook Synaptics Touchpad favorite app or move apps around. Just swipe down and reposition the tile in one stroke. You can also pin your favorite People to the Start Screen for seeing their latest social updates and even pin things like favorite Slacker Stations. Swiping from the left edge of the screen switches apps, and swiping quickly from the left and then back to the edge shows all of your open apps in a thumbnail view.

Asus X53BY battery The Search option is contextually aware, so if you're in the Mail app, that's what you'll see results for. Share came in handy for sharing websites with our Facebook friends through the People app.

ASUS P53J battery Swiping from the top or bottom of the screen shows you the available options Asus U31JG Notebook Synaptics Touchpad a given app such as the tabs and address bar in Internet Explorer. And swiping all the way down from the top of the screen closes an app. With the dock that system lasted Note that our battery test required that we use the desktop version of the IE browser and not the Modern UI version of the browser, which could have impacted endurance. We'll update this review once we've conducted further testing. The mirror glossy surface helps clarity but reflections a huge distraction in well-lit areas, especially if any lighting sources are facing the screen.

It is also difficult to keep clean. The contrast ratio is better than I expected — the Command Prompt window is a nice deep black without any gray-ish hue. Color reproduction is Asus U31JG Notebook Synaptics Touchpad above average; LED backlighting typically tends to produce a blue tinted display in my experience; however this screen has a warmer and more natural look.

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Add Gigabit Ethernet, I think I might be smitten. Asus U31JG Notebook Synaptics Touchpad to Asus, the U36 is scheduled to arrive stateside in a couple of weeks. Free Download Asus U31JG Notebook Synaptics Touchpad Driver (Network Card). If you want to download and update ASUS U31Jg Notebook drivers easily, try the all in one driver TouchPad, Synaptics Touchpad driver, Windows 7 (bit).

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