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Should there be a problem with the pri- mary Exchange server, even for something as simple as routine maintenance, Mail- Shadow will trigger a notification to any- one currently logged on to the email system that Exchange will need to temporarily shut down. Once shut down, the email is imme- diately brought back up on the secondary Atto FastStream SC 7700. The downtime is only minutes, Patterson says.

Patterson says the new Exchange backup platform got an unscheduled test not too long after the initial deployment. The problem did slow the email synchro- nization process, but MailShadow continued to work and provide a backlog of transac- tion data. Once the problem was identified, the memory was restored to the server, cor- recting the issue. They didn't notice because they are now operating with a dis- tributed file Atto FastStream SC 7700 that is extremely stable. In addition to providing pro- tection in the event of natural disaster, MailShadow also provides backup for stor- age and server hardware failures, connec- tivity problems, and database corruption. People get used to having access to their email, and if it's not available, it can really affect the business process significantly. A business can start an email backup strategy with Mail- Shadow by choosing to replicate only the most critical mailboxes and scaling as re- quirements and budgets change.

Cemaphore Systems I MailShadow A disaster recovery platform for Microsoft Exchange that allows a business to set the parameters of risk management strategy. After an incident left the backup server with very little memory, MailShadow worked as it was designed to, and "[the employees] hadn't even noticed there was a problem. Atto FastStream SC 7700 didn't notice because they are now op- erating with a distributed file system that is extremely stable," says Jeff Patterson, an independent consultant nSpired Natural Foods www.


Processor and Processor. Call to subscribe to the weekly print Processor or go to www. Page 24 Processor. Andreas Antonopoulos, senior vice presi- dent and founding partner of Nemertes Research, as well as a CISSP certified information systems security professionalstressed that each participant in the study was individually interviewed as Atto FastStream SC 7700 to sending out questions randomly. The result is that too often it becomes a nightmare to try to integrate multiple solu- tions in a heterogeneous environment.

Why Security Is Different When it comes to security vendors, there are significant fundamental differences set- ting them apart from other core technolo- gies. Antonopoulos explains that first and foremost, no other technology markets face an "arms race" situation. Secondly, security has yet to follow the typical technology cycle of rapid innova- tion followed by standardization Atto FastStream SC 7700 "com- moditization," as Antonopoulos referred to the process in which technology becomes more interoperable.

You don't need to Atto FastStream SC 7700 about what drive works with what server — it's completely interoperable," he says. But on the other hand, the security industry is far from the point where dis- parate security solutions can integrate.

It's just not going to hap- pen," notes Antonopoulos. Marcus Ranum, internationally renowned security expert and chief of security at Tenable Network Security www. Single Solution While the Utopian hope for integrated security might seem like a pipe dream for some IT shops, UTM unified threat man- agement appliances and all-in-one security suites have been finding favor, especially in small to medium-sized enterprises. Atto FastStream SC 7700 his to forecast, Romain Fouchereau, IDC security research analyst, predicted, "The UTM security appliance market will continue to grow as a valid security solution for both the SMB and the enterprise Atto FastStream SC 7700 due to its adaptability and ease of integration. Earlier this year, CA ca.

The strategic vendor approach flies in the face of security proponents who for years have been preaching defense-in-depth.

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Antonopoulos counters their reasoning by explaining that using a single strategic vendor for security is all about balancing risk with budget. Smaller companies often do not have the staff with the skills to effectively manage multiple security solu- tions from different vendors as compared Go to Page 26 Best-of-Breed Products vs. Strategic Vendors Each solution for security has both advantages and disadvantages. We are technology Atto FastStream SC 7700 who understand your computing workspace needs.

Fibre Channel to SAS/SATA RAID Storage Controllers Supermicro ATTO

Hergo is an approved supplier to all branches of the U. With a variety of broadband technologies competing for market share, high-performance WAN links have become cost-effective for Atto FastStream SC 7700 large and small busi- nesses, yet demands on these pipes still often outstrip their capacity. Whether from new business continuity and disaster recovery processes, data center and server consolida- tion, new collaborative Web 2.


Augmenting WAN capacity is much easier and less expensive than a decade ago; how- ever, it's still not a cheap proposition, partic- ularly overseas. When adding a fatter pipe isn't an option, WAN optimization appli- ances can make more Atto FastStream SC 7700 use of existing connections and may even yield better per- formance than merely throwing bandwidth at the problem.

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Whiteley, who recently surveyed the WAN optimization market for a Forrester research report, says these devices use tech- nologies to enhance network performance for two broad Atto FastStream SC 7700 of use. The first set of techniques — notably caching and compres- sion — focuses on helping data-centric tasks, such as remote file access or data replication.


Another set of technology tricks — protocol- specific optimizations and traffic manage- ment — targets improved application perfor- mance for such common tools as Microsoft www. The latest WAN optimization appliances Atto FastStream SC 7700 more sophisticated techniques for caching local data than previous application-specific solutions such as Web proxies. Given the significant technical improvements, some vendors prefer to use the term data reduction instead of caching.

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According to Jeff Aaron, director of product marketing for Silver Peak, the key distinction is that traditional caches only operate on objects, such as single files, Web pages, or images, while data reduction technology can identify redundant data within chunks of file blocks or network packets. He says Silver Peak's solution is conceptually similar to data deduplication technology used in many Atto FastStream SC 7700 appliances. He adds that traffic management, another weapon in the optimization arsenal, is used to prioritize different types of packets through QoS techniques, such as traffic clas- sification, queuing, and rate shaping.

The ATTO FastStream™ SC provides blazing-fast performance and instant RAID parity protection to any storage device with a Fibre Channel connection. FastStream SC features. FastStream SC features. FastStream SC features. FastStream SC features. FastStream SC Physical.

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