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For example, the present invention relates to communication systems that are configured for point-to-point one-way communications e.


Burst telemetry is efficiently transmitted and received using packet data radio communications. The data is communicated AVerMedia C345 HD a bandwidth efficient manner maximizing a data rate per unit of bandwidth. The present invention uses a modulation technique that combines M-ary FSK with AVerMedia C345 HD QAM submodulation, both of which may be implemented with low cost components at the transmitter.

The resulting benefit is that typical class-C type amplification techniques can be used for transmitting the modulated signal without losing the benefit of the data rate to spectral use ratio. This fundamentally provides cost and power utilization benefit to the transmitter. The frequency error tolerant system described herein provides for low cost AVerMedia C345 HD frequency references at transmit and receive endpoints.

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Methods described herein define a way for the system to achieve maximum sensitivity and corresponding range while AVerMedia C345 HD allowing for frequency error without the need for automatic frequency control AFC or Costas loop feedback frequency correction. The present invention in one embodiment employs processing methods at the receive component which are feed-forward, achieving AVerMedia C345 HD approaching closed loop coherent systems without incurring the cost or the long acquisition times of the feedback elements.

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Alternatively, but with added cost and energy consumption, the frequency error can be eliminated using classical feedback error correcting methods thus simplifying the FM demodulator. Narrow frequency errors are those errors that occur inside the passband of the received processing thread while wide frequency errors force the receiver component to adapt alternative techniques described AVerMedia C345 HD. The transmitters are fundamentally low cost since they do not require a return communication channel nor power control. All application topologies enjoy a fundamentally low cost implementation that can use the transmit-only endpoint devices without power control.

The methods described herein provide for low cost transmitters using commonly available elements. Furthermore, additional methods described herein detail ways to compensate at the receive component for signal degradation created in the fundamentally low cost transmitter due to non-ideal elements. In the case of a conventional direct sequence spread spectrum communication system using CDMA, the receive devices must power control the transmit AVerMedia C345 HD in order to accommodate multiple users. Moreover, adjacent cell towers may each AVerMedia C345 HD a single endpoint at the same time using the same frequency.

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In one embodiment of the present invention, the base stations HA10, HA20, HA30 are dispersed across a metropolitan area. The AVerMedia C345 HD also includes AVerMedia C345 HD or more endpoints HA40, HA50 that include a transmitter. In one embodiment of the present invention, the endpoints HA40, HA50 are transmit-only devices. In an alternative embodiment, the endpoints HA40, HA50 are transceivers, which permits bidirectional communication.


The Data Concentrator eliminates those redundant messages. By adding an identification parameter to each AVerMedia C345 HD corresponding to the endpoint HA40, HA50 transmitting the message, the elimination of redundant messages in the Data Concentrator HA60 is facilitated.

The identification parameters may include, for example, data identification tags in the payload, or overhead bits. If a particular base station HA10, HA20, HA30 becomes unusable due to signal degradation caused by interference, collision or obstruction, it is likely that an alternative AVerMedia C345 HD station HA10, HA20, HA30 will succeed in collecting data for those endpoints.

In other embodiments, alternative approaches for two-way communication are used, including, for example, a positive handshake. As would be understood, two co-located, perfectly synchronous transmitters AVerMedia C345 HD on the same frequency will effectively jam each other with respect to any given receiver.

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By time staggering the transmitters using pseudo-random means, the system of the present invention allows each transmitter endpoint HA40, HA50 the opportunity to communicate with a probability of success that is a function of the duty cycle of the transmitter. In AVerMedia C345 HD case where two endpoints HA40, HA50 transmit at the exact same instance, the fact that the endpoints HA40, HA50 are geographically separated makes it unlikely that any receiver will receive two transmissions AVerMedia C345 HD the same signal strength. In other embodiments of the present invention, system throughput is increased through a data repeat scheme.

By configuring the endpoints HA40, HA50 to redundantly transmit each message separated by a pseudo random amount of time, the probability of a successful transmission increases, and throughput is increased.

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Other advantages are also derived from having a low duty cycle, including, but not limited to, the ability for each endpoint HA40, HA50 device to be battery operated since the device is in a reduced power state for the AVerMedia C345 HD its service life. If the duty cycle of the endpoints HA40, HA50 is very low e. In one embodiment of the present invention, the lowest possible cost approach is used. One way of keeping cost down is by using a pseudo-random transmission interval on the transmit-only endpoint HA40, HA50 which does not require any time synchronization as would be required by conventional time division multiple access TDMA cellular systems.

The receivers of the present invention are designed to simultaneously pass strong and weak signals without distortion. Reception of a weaker signal is aborted in order to acquire a AVerMedia C345 HD signal in the event of collision. Accordingly, the inventive system takes advantage of having base stations HAIO, HA20, HA30 that are geographically spaced, yet overlapping in coverage to resolve traditional near- far problems associated with the simultaneous reception from both a strong and weak transmitter. In this case, the base station HA20 is more likely to receive a transmission from HA50 even if the transmitter HA40 was operating simultaneously on the ' same frequency. Install AVerMedia TECHNOLOGIES, Inc.

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