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The sole exception of this characteristic is the area where we find the memory traces heading towards the northbridge. In addition to this convenient gap, there is an absence of tall capacitors close to the CPU socket.

This is excellent news to those who would be looking to use a hefty aftermarket heatsink. A large Thermalright AK-7 heatsink was used throughout the review with no issues whatsoever.


Overclocking enthusiasts can celebrate further as the Chaintech board comes equipped with the four mounting holes surrounding the CPU socket. As such, waterblocks and intricate heatsink assemblies alike can be mounted securely to the motherboard with ease. Directly behind the rear-panel, one can see the first fault of the 7NJS. Perhaps due in part to the lack of room on the PCB, Chaintech engineers have Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid to Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid the ATX power header in a small gap between the panel and a row of capacitors alongside the processor socket. When installing the motherboard and assembling the system, I was disappointed to find that even my small hands seemed too large to easily access the power header.

Chaintech Zenith 7NJS (NVIDIA nForce2) (Page 1/9) :: Articles :: ®

Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid not using a fan-guard could encounter a situation where the power cable actually obstructs the movement of the fan. Should this happen, users could find themselves with a new Athlon keychain. At the very least, the position of the power cable will inhibit the airflow both above the heatsink and below the power supply fan, unless of course you take a moment to route it carefully.


Looking at the rear-panel of the motherboard, we see an impressive array of connectors. The CBOX2 with its 6 cables can present a bit of confusion. There is no guide as to what cable goes where.

Chaintech Zenith 7NJS nForce2 Review

The solution is simple. USB cables only fit on USB headers and each of the ribbon cables is different so only a specific cable can fit on a specific header. Look at Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid pin holes and match them to the pattern of pins.

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Rounding out this endless box of goodies is the backplane guard which it is significant to note that it is of sturdier construction than the normally flimsy aluminum backplane Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid. It is a foam padded box containing the coveted Chaintech key chain. Which can be used to hold those keys that you use to lock up the PC case. Touring the board The tour begins, as it usually does for Icrontic, with the socket area. Heatsink mounting holes are visible and only two capacitors may cause mounting problems depending on choice of heatsink.

Chaintech 7NJS Motherboard Review

A sticker warns to use a heatsink. The processor dies within seconds.

Install in DIMM 2 and 3 when using two pieces of memory. Could the DIMM lifter present a problem with the video card?

Installation will tell but there was a run of motherboards Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid the DIMM lifters struck the video card making it awkward to remove the RAM. The heatsink fan is held on by two outward pressure clips and the heastink itself is held on by spring loaded pins. Turn the motherboard over and very carefully use needle nose pliers to remove the heatsink. Squeeze the pins gently and they should pop out or release far enough to remove.

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Remember that doing so may void a warranty so do so at your own risk. The heatsink was equally as squeaky clean.

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The lack of thermal compound opens up a whole new can of digital worms. Chaintech states the Northbridge does not get very hot during Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid operation. The appearance of an effective heatsink may be more important for the buyer rather than the actual operation of the product.

Overclockers and enthusiasts will most likely rise up against this stating higher numbers can be the result of, amongst other Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid, a cooler Northbridge. Please note that on page 5 the motherboard layout diagram shows the IDE header order as with 1 as the nearest to the CPU. Free Download Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid Driver (Other Drivers & Tools). Early this year, we reviewed the Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH (based on the Built-in Promise PDC ATA IDE/RAID controller using one.

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