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GE produces the high-pressure compressor, combustor, and high-pressure turbine, Snecma manufactures the fan, gearbox, exhaust and the low-pressure turbine, and some components are made by Avio of Italy. The completed engines are marketed by CFMI. Despite initial export restrictions, it is one of the most common turbofan aircraft engines in the world, in four major variants.

The CFM56 first ran CNet CNUM56-RS Air Force CNet CNUM56-RS still its biggest customer. Both these issues were resolved with engine modifications. Snecma, who had mostly built military engines until then, was the first company to seek entrance into the market by searching for a partner with commercial experience to design and build an engine in this class. The two companies saw mutual benefit in the collaboration and met several more times, fleshing out the basics of the joint project. GE needed an engine in this market class, and Snecma had previous experience of working with them, collaborating on the production of the CF turbofan for the Airbus A GE was initially considering only contributing technology from its CF6 engine rather than its much more advanced F engine, developed for the B-1 Lancer supersonic bomber.

Driver C Media Cmi Isi Audio

The United States Department of State's Office of Munitions Control recommended the rejection of the application on national security grounds; specifically because the core technology was an aspect of a strategic national defense system B-1 bomberit was built with Department of Defense funding, and that exporting the CNet CNUM56-RS to France would limit the number of American workers on CNet CNUM56-RS project. The project, and the export issue associated with it, was considered so important that French President Georges Pompidou appealed directly to U. President Richard Nixon in to approve the deal, and Henry Kissinger brought the issue up with President Pompidou in a meeting.


GE reportedly argued at the highest levels that having half of the market was better than having none of it, which they believed would happen if Snecma pursued the engine on their own without GE's contribution. Nixon administration officials feared that this project could be the beginning of the end of American aerospace leadership. Discussions at this meeting resulted in an agreement that allowed the development of the CFM56 to proceed. Contemporary reports state that the agreement was based on assurances CNet CNUM56-RS the core of the engine, the part that GE was developing from the military F, would be built in the U.

The venture was officially founded in CFMI was made responsible for the day-to-day decision making for the project, while major decisions developing a new variant, for example required the go-ahead from GE and Snecma management. While work proceeded smoothly, the international arrangement led to unique working conditions. For example, both companies had assembly lines, some engines were assembled and tested in the U. Engines assembled in France were subject to the initially strict export agreement, which meant that GE's core was built in the U. The Snecma components the fore and aft sections of the engine were brought into the room, GE employees mounted them to the core, and then the assembled engine was taken out to be finished. The second engine was then shipped to France and first ran there on 13 December These first CNet CNUM56-RS were considered 'production hardware' as opposed to test examples and were designated as the CFM, the first variant of the CFM This engine had a slightly different configuration with a long bypass duct and mixed exhaust flow,[nb 1] rather than a short bypass duct with unmixed exhaust flow.

CNet CN UMRS - fax / modem overview and full product specs on CNET. Model CNUMRS. CNet CN UMRS - fax / CNet CNUM56-RS. Post a comment.

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Bought the above fax modem about a month ago. Actually sent about five faxes. Tried to receive a fax, but kept getting receive errors.

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