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This area displays the status of the hardware buffer and reports when overflow occur. A [Clear Alarm] button permits you to clear and acknowledge Daewoo DTA-2131 alarm. Process monitors: This area displays monitors of the recording process including the total time of your recording configuration, the actual file recording time, the actual file size, the overall disk space used by your recording and the remaining disk space Message Bar: Messages displayed in the Daewoo DTA-2131 bar includes event reports, errors, warnings and information from the application. Type of input and of the adapter type info are displayed on the right side. Menu Bar The menu bar contains four menus: From the Recording menu, the user can set the Record File name and access the application Options See section 5. From the Tools menu, several tools and functionalities are provided like the merge tools, the schedule control or the PID filtering set-up.

See section 5. The Adapter menu provides common information about the current adapter and a detailed setting window depending on your adapter, like for DTA or DTU See Appendix A and Appendix B about how to control those devices 4.

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The help menu displays contact information for sales and technical support regarding DekTec products. It displays the current version of Daewoo DTA-2131 application.

Daewoo DTA-2131 Area This area indicates the selected adapter and provides information regarding the input signal. It can provide specific controls like of SDI recording settings, or adapter-related settings.


Packet size and Daewoo DTA-2131 rate are reported. See Appendix A and B for details. Record File Settings This area gathers all the settings for your recording, from Record File name control to detailed settings.


File Type, Record Option and Estimates are provided. Daewoo DTA-2131 HH: SSby size MB or manually controlled. If no auto-erase rule is selected, the recording will stop after the last file has been recorded.

Daewoo DTA-2131MZF Manuals

Auto-erase rules permits to set-up continuous recording with multiple files. Two type of automatic deletion of old files are available: For multiple file recording, file names are stamped with the host PC time at time of file creation and a 5 digit file index. For instance in the case of continuous recording with 50 multiple files of 10 minutes each at a rate Starts and Daewoo DTA-2131 times are traced in the log file.

For multiple file recordings, File creation and deletion times are traced Daewoo DTA-2131 the log file refer section 5. The overflow most likely disappear by itself after occurrence but for the operator to know afterward that it occurred and that data may have been corrupted, the application will keep displaying the orange LED and the message overflow. All events related to overflow are reported in the Message Bar and traced in the log file See section 5.

Record Daewoo DTA-2131 Total Run Time. This monitor displays the overall running time since the record task was started. For continuous recording like Loop recording or Multiple Files recording with auto-erase rule, the time will keep increasing until the record is stopped by the user. For single file recording without Loop, the monitor will be reset to 0 every Daewoo DTA-2131 a new record is started.

APITE - Database of technical manuals for free instant download.

Actual File Daewoo DTA-2131 Time. This monitor displays the record time of Daewoo DTA-2131 actual Record File. For Multiple File recording, this monitor is reset every time a new file is created. For Loop File, this monitor keeps displaying the file maximum duration after the first loop is reached. Actual File Size.

For Loop File, Daewoo DTA-2131 monitor keeps displaying the file size after the first loop is reached. Disk Used Space.

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This monitor displays the overall space used for the current recording task. Disk Available Space. This monitor displays the remaining space on the selected disk. In case the user starts a recording exceeding the available disk space, the following pop-up message will be displayed and the recording will be cancelled. Starting a recording with insufficient disk space Note: The application will generate an information message when the available disk space will reach a value lower than Daewoo DTA-2131, a warning message when less than MB and the application will stop when less than MB remains on the disk. Message Bar The bottom Message Bar displays messages from the application on the left and type of input and adapter on the right. Message Bar — Example of message from the application Messages can be status information regarding the recording process ex:Manuals and User Guides for Daewoo DTAMZF.

We have 1 Daewoo DTAMZF manual available for free Daewoo DTA-2131 download: Instruction Manual. Manuals and User Guides for Daewoo DTAMP. We have 1 Daewoo DTAMP manual available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual.

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