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Budget For farmers, a zero-mention budget. Budget Charged up for electric vehicles. Superrich, do your bit for Nation Building. Slide your finger across it while the notebook is closed and a small array of blue lights will flash, Knight Rider-style, and the keyboard will pop open. The keyboard is held in place by a piece of memory wire: When the latch is activated, the wire is heated ever so slightly, and the wire changes shape, allowing the keyboard to open. Just keep in mind that you can't open the notebook if the battery is drained and the system isn't plugged in.

Being the thinnest system on the market, it's not surprising Dell Adamo 13 Intel Display the Adamo XPS has a littletrouble dissipating heat, but Dell did a good job mitigating any unpleasantness for the user. After playing a Hulu video at full screen for 15 minutes, the touchpad measured 92 degrees Fahrenheit and the space between the G and H keys was 93 degrees. The middle of the underside was an unpleasant degrees, but since it's elevated, that area of the notebook does not come into contact with your skin while on your lap.

However, the right wrist rest got up to degrees. The surface is probably one of most talked about items of this laptop. The SSD helps with battery performance as well. When cranked up, the display is very bright and extremely sharp.

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Do note that the screen material does make it highly reflective. The screen half is concave, so when shut the keyboard embeds itself into the screen.


It is designed, that when open, the bottom of the screen half and the edge of the keyboard, make contact with the surface on which it is resting. The Adamo XPS has a heat-sensing strip on the lip of its lid which, when touched, opens the lid.

Beautiful but expensive and devoid of the greatest specs, the Dell Adamo is the epitome of the luxury laptop. Note to Apple: be a little flattered. Dell Adamo 13 Intel Display maybe a little worried. We can see where Dell is going with the Adamo, and while we can't exactly recommend it for computing power, this notebook may make up for it a little in sex appeal.


While it's certainly pretty looking enough, we're just disappointed that Dell didn't actually take on the gloss-free path. Still, we like that Dell has spent quite a bit of effort in designing the Adamo, and it shows in the aluminum unibody design, the exquisite thin build and the fantastic keyboard. Even the reluctant looking addition of a metal plaque at the bottom fits in well with the whole theme and Dell Adamo 13 Intel Display of the notebook. Subsequently, one mostly turns up the brightness control to the non-ergonomic maximum level even indoors in order to possibly outshine the reflections. As long as one does not wear bright garments or has to get along with especially bright or disadvantageously positioned interior lighting, this works fairly well.

Dell Adamo 13 - lepszy i... tańszy

This negative trait is especially fatal when working on a train, where scurrying landscapes and buildings constantly undercut the eyes' focalizing on the actual content on the screen, thus leading to a much more rapid fatigue. Similar, but not as intensive properties show during usage outdoors, where the bright background illumination does offer good prerequisites for readability, but also create frequent irritations due to the highly Dell Adamo 13 Intel Display nature of the surface. Therefore, relaxed working in the garden is almost impossible and disqualifies the display for mobile working in most conceivable situations.

Dell has used high-class and correspondingly expensive subcomponents in the Adamo Thirteen. With a clock rate of 1. DDR-3 system memory ample 4GB in our model is responsible for quickly delivering data.

Despite the low total power input, the benchmarks were quite positive. Converting some MP3s via iTunes also worked sufficiently fast and lets using such applications occasionally appear to be feasible. The designerbook is not recommended for 3D applications like animation software, CAD, or even current 3D games, the integrated Intel-solution is hopelessly overcharged. World of Warcraft can be seen as the ultimate limit, it runs at a playable frame rate of an average of 26 fps with minimal freeze-ups, at a resolution of x pixels, and with all Dell Adamo 13 Intel Display and details set to low or switched off. Even at a resolution of x pixels and with medium details, we reached smooth 21 fps with definitely improved looks.

Due to the integrated UMTS modem, some matches could be played mobile. The graphic values come off correspondingly disillusioning apart from that, with points in 3D Mark '06 and points in Cinebench R10 OpenGL Shading. The pure CPU-performance on the other side is nothing to sneeze at, given the low power input. Altogether, it does fall behind noticeably in terms of performance, compared to competitors like the Apple MacBook Air in the current version.


It reports the Ambient light sensor is enabled, but Dell Adamo 13 Intel Display display brightness does not respond to changes in ambient light. Interesting, the Fn F4 and F5 keys do change the screen brightness, but when one does this the light sensor is reported to be disabled in the mobility center.

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Enabling it again dims the display, but it still does not respond to changes in ambient light. I remember having some trouble like this when running Win 7. On the other hand, the Adamo seems to run Vista fairly smoothly, partly thanks to the quick solid state drive. Until we see the shipped version, it's hard to be definitive about this laptop's performance, but first indications are that it's decent enough. Review of the Dell Adamo Thirteen Subnotebook (Intel Core 2 Duo SU, The Adamo Thirteen has a 13" display (as its name already  ‎Review of the Dell Adamo · ‎Display · ‎Performance · ‎Verdict. Adamo adds an unparalleled, revolutionary thin laptop to Dell Adamo 13 Intel Display solid lineup. Design, form, and function at Intel® Core™ Processors. Compare · Intel® Core™.

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