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Allied Telesis AT-AR410S By default, the asynchronous port also known as the Console, RS, or Config port on the router is set to the parameters shown in Table 1: Table 1: Parameters for terminal communication Parameter Baud rate Data bits Parity Stop bits Flow control Value 8 None 1 Hardware Refer to the user manual supplied with the terminal or modem for details of how to Allied Telesis AT-AR410S the communications settings for the terminal or modem. See the routers online help or the Interfaces chapter in the Software Reference for more information on how to configure the asynchronous port.


Logging In When you access the router from a terminal or PC connected to the RS terminal port asyn0or via a Telnet or HTTP connection, you must enter a login name and password to gain access to the command prompt. When the router is supplied, it has a manager account with an initial password friend. Enter your login name at the login prompt: Some router models are preloaded with a basic IP configuration, including an IP address. To check Allied Telesis AT-AR410S routers configuration, use the command: Depending on the router model, these may include: For the default VLAN, use the command: Similarly, for the default WAN Ethernet port eth0 use the command: To change the IP address for an interface, enter the command: Setting Routes Allied Telesis AT-AR410S process of routing packets consists of selectively forwarding data packets from one network to another.

Your router makes a decision to send a packet to a particular network on information it learns dynamically from listening to the selected route protocol and on the static information entered as part of the configuration process. In addition, you can configure user-defined filters to restrict the way packets are sent.

Your router maintains a table of routes which holds information about routes to destinations. The route table tells the router how to find a remote network or host.

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A route is uniquely identified by IP address, network mask, next hop, ifIndex, protocol and policy. A list of routes comprises all the different routes to a destination.

The routes may have different metrics, next hops, policy or protocol. A list of routes is uniquely identified by its IP address and net mask.

These act to exchange routing information with other routers Allied Telesis AT-AR410S hosts. You can also add static routes to the route table to define default routes to external routers or networks and to define subnets. To add a static route, enter the command: Changing a Password You should change this password to prevent unauthorised access to the router.

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Enter Allied Telesis AT-AR410S command: The password can contain any printable characters, and must be at least a minimum length, by default six characters. Tools exist that enable hackers to guess or test many combinations of login names and passwords easily.

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The User Authentication Facility UAF provides some protection against such attacks by allowing the manager to set the number of consecutive login failures allowed and a lockout period when the limit is exceeded. However, the best protection against password discovery Allied Telesis AT-AR410S to select a good password and keep it secret.


When choosing a password: Do make it six or more characters in length. The UAF enforces a minimum password length, which the manager can change.

Allied Telesis AT AR410 - router - desktop Specs

The default is six characters. Do include both alphabetic az and numeric 09 characters. Do include both uppercase and lowercase characters. The passwords stored by the router are Allied Telesis AT-AR410S, so bgz4kal and Bgz4Kal are different. Do avoid words found in a dictionary, unless combined with other random alphabetic and numeric characters.

Allied Telesis AT AR - router - rack-mountable overview and full product specs on CNET. Allied Telesis AT AR - router - desktop overview and full product specs on CNET.

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