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14. What Scanners Are Supported By EzeScan?

Insert the right protrusion of the Output Paper Tray into the hole on the front of the scanner. Insert the left pin of the Output Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified Tray slightly into the hole on the front of the scanner. Insert the left protrusion of the front paper tray into the hole on the front of the scanner.


Press the right protrusion to fit into the hole of the scanner. Insert the extension wire to the front tray. To ensure your computer can identify the USB scanner, please install scanner driver first before connecting the scanner to your computer. Plug the small end of the power adaptor into the power jack of your scanner. Insert the other Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified to an appropriate power outlet.

The software installation graphic appears. Contents on the installation graphic: To use the buttons on the scanner, you need to install Button Manager. To communicate with your scanner, you need to install the scanner driver.

After installing the Button Manager software, click Install Scanner Driver to install the scanner driver Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified your computer. If you already have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you may disregard this item. Click Install Button Manager to install the Button Manager software and then click Install Scanner Driver to install the scanner driver on your computer. Connect the rectangle end to the USB port of your computer. In Windows XP, click the Next button to continue. When the XP certification screen appears, click Continue Anyway to complete the installation. When the Finish dialog is prompted, click the Finish button. To uninstall the scanner driver in Windows XP, be sure to keep your scanner connecting to your computer. Completing Your First Scan 3. To avoid occasional paper jam when automatically feeding multiple documents, loosen the paper before loading.

Align the two sides of the document with the slide guides. Your Document face down Page: With this tool, you can perform simple scans and view the captured images. In addition, it helps you complete your scan at a rated speed. The following procedure describes how to verify your scanner installation. If the installation is not correct, please review the preceding section to check if the cable connection and scanner driver have been successfully installed. Before you begin, be sure the scanner is on. Select your driver type and scanner model and click OK.

The following Avision Capture Tool dialog box will be displayed. Choose your desired file format from the File Format drop down list box. Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified supported file formats vary depending on your scanner model. Type your desired folder name and file name in the File Path box. If you do not wish to save the scanned image, deselect the Save button since default is Save Enable. In this case, the thumbnail view will be disabled.

Document Scanner

Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified And therefore, after viewing all the scanned images, only the last one will remain on the screen. Click the Setup button or choose Setup from the File menu to prompt the Scanner Properties dialog box. From the Image Selection Box, choose your desired image type for your scanned image.


Click OK to quit the Scanner Properties dialog box. To learn more details about the Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified Properties dialog box, please see the subsequent chapter, Using the Scanner Properties Dialog Box. Place your document face down on the document glass or face up in the auto document feeder.

14. What Scanners Are Supported By EzeScan?

The document Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified be scanned and displayed in the Scan Validation screen. After the scanned images have been displayed, your scanner installation verification is completed. Image Selection Box Choose your image type and the side of document you wish to scan.

Options vary based on type of scanner. Resolution Determine the quality of the scanned image.

This package contains the files needed Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified installing the Avision AVD2+ Scanner Certified Driver. If it has been installed, updating. Material scanned by this product may be protected by governmental laws and . the XP certification screen appears, click Continue. Anyway to complete the.

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