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By Compass First impressions: The box is minimalist in design, with a small logo and title on the front and a large picture of the camera, and makes me think of a certain fruit oriented manufacturer. It has a gorgeous, slightly satin finish and feels of much higher quality than most other action cams.

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XiaoYi Yi Z16V13L 4K Action Camera Labeling and graphics are minimalist and add to the feeling of quality and sophistication yes, I'm waxing slightly lyrical, but this camera has exceeded my expectations by a significant margin. Unlike many other GoPro wannabes, this camera comes with nothing in the way of frills or accessories. Clearly Yi believe that the inherent quality of the product means that they don't need to bundle a mounting harness for your pet dolphin XiaoYi Yi Z16V13L 4K Action Camera raccoon, or anything else for that matter - no waterproof casing, no handlebar mount, no selfie stick adapter.

Part of me wants to dock one star for that as even the GoPro units come with a housing and basic mounts, but you are saving a Benjamin and half over the black version, for similar or slightly better video quality more on that laterso I'm going to let it ride for now.


If you've never held an action cam before, the small size of such a unit will probably surprise you. To get started, you will need XiaoYi Yi Z16V13L 4K Action Camera peel the lens protection film off, insert the battery do NOT try and peel the little plastic tab off the bottom of the battery, that is designed to make it easier to remove the battery at charging time - it is a REALLY snug fitand press the power button on top. A short musical chime and a single LED flash on top confirms that the unit is powering up, and within two seconds you are greeted with the welcome screen.

XiaoYi Yi Z16V13L 4K Action Camera A moment of turning the camera this way and that will lead you to realize there are no control buttons - this unit has a touch screen for control of all settings and functions. A few taps on the screen will whisk you through the very brief "how to" and you will be left with the default "ready" screen.

Insert a card, as I did, and you may get an error message telling you that there is a card error. You should probably power the camera off, BEFORE inserting a card, as I'm sure they probably tell you in the manual, but then who does that? By default, the unit is set to record 4K 30fps, with stabilization disabled stabilization XiaoYi Yi Z16V13L 4K Action Camera available at p and below.

Unstabilized video looks pretty good, mainly because the camera is light and it isn't difficult to hold your hand fairly steady. Stabilization does make a noticeable difference, especially at higher resolutions, but you will probably be using more juice to do so tests to follow.


My blank 4GB card told me it could record a little over 7. All in all, first impressions are extremely favorable, and should make this the best value 4K choice for most action XiaoYi Yi Z16V13L 4K Action Camera aficionados. Update 1 My camera came with v1. By going to the yitechnology dot com site, and heading to support I was able to find the firmware file to update it to v1.

Change Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera Firmware from Chinese to English And Wifi Setup

Firstly, check on the battery cover whether the tiny serial number starts z16v13L or z16v12L to select the right version. Then, simply connect the camera to your computer with the included cable, save the file as firmware. You will be asked if you want to update firmware, and after confirming, the unit will take about thirty second to apply the update and then reboot.

Update 2 - 7. After a very brief SD card error message, was able to check settings and see it show up as This equates to 9hrs 8mins and 54secs of recording time of p 30fps, or 4hrs 38mins and 57secs of 4K 30fps. I did a brief test recording and there does not appear to be any frame dropout, so this card may cope with that frame rate See below for more info.

Digital Camera, Webcam XiaoYi Drivers - Driversorg - Find drivers for your devices.

I have yet to be able to get the camera to recognize the above Sandisk at all. The PNY is recognized after a brief wait, but whilst it might be possibly to custom format the Sandisk in order for it to be recognized, out of the box the Yi 4K will not play XiaoYi Yi Z16V13L 4K Action Camera with this card.

Free Download XiaoYi Yi Z16V13L 4K Action Camera Firmware (Digital Camera / Webcam / Camcorder). Where to download? For YI 4K Action Camera, see below for download links: Serial Number Language Version Z16V13L / Z16V12L MULTI Missing: XiaoYi.

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