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ASUS X99 Series Motherboards Review X99-Deluxe, X99-Pro and X99-A

At a 2C discharge, the battery exhibits higher stress than at 1C, limiting the cycle count to about before the capacity drops to half level. AN55 battery replacement. Lead acid is Asus U46SV AI Recovery and requires a few seconds of recovery between heavy loads. If the Asus G60VX Battery were a perfect power source and behaved linearly, the discharge time could be calculated according to the in-and-out flowing currents.

The output is Asus U46SV AI Recovery less than what has been put in, and the losses escalate with increasing load. High discharge currents make the battery less efficient. The efficiency factor of a discharging battery is expressed in the Peukert Law. Peukert, a German scientistwas aware of this loss and devised a formula that expresses the loss at a given discharge rate in numbers. Because of sluggish behavior of lead acid, the Peukert numbers apply mostly to this Asus A53SV Laptop Battery chemistry and help in calculating the capacity when loaded at various discharge rates. For a long time, Li-ion had been considered fragile and unsuitable for high loads.

This has changed, and today many lithium-based systems are more robust than the older nickel and lead chemistries. Manganese and phosphate-type Li-ion permit a continuous discharge of 30C. This Asus U46SV AI Recovery that a cell rated at 1,mAh can provide a steady load of 45A, and this is being achieved primarily by lowering the internal resistance through optimizing Asus U46SV AI Recovery surface area between the active cell materials. One of the unique qualities of Li-ion is the ability to deliver continuous high power. This is possible with an electrochemical recovery rate that is far superior to lead acid.

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The slow electrochemical reaction of lead acid can be compared to a Asus U46SV AI Recovery felt pen than works for short marking but needs rest to replenish the ink. Although better performing when warm, batteries live longer when kept cool. Only charge at moderate temperatures. Some batteries accept charge below freezing but at a much-reduced charge current. Use heating blankets if batteries need rapid charging at cold temperatures. Prevent over-discharging. Cell reversal can cause an electrical short.


Deploy a larger Asus G50V Battery if repetitive deep discharge cycles cause stress. A moderate DC discharge is better for a battery than pulse and aggregated loads.


A battery exhibits capacitor-like characteristics when discharging at high frequency. This allows higher peak currents than is possible with a DC load. A value close to one 1 indicates a well-performing battery with good efficiency and minimal loss; a higher number reflects a less efficient battery.

The Peukert Law of a battery is exponentialand the readings for lead acid are between 1. Nickel-based batteries have low numbers and lithium-ion is even better. Figure 1 illustrates the available capacity as a function of ampere drawn with different Peukert ratings. The lead acid battery prefers intermittent loads to a continuous heavy discharge. The rest periods allow the Asus U46SV AI Recovery AM70 battery to recompose the chemical reaction and prevent exhaustion.

Review Asus N73SV Notebook

This is why lead acid performs well in a starter application with brief A cranking loads and plenty of time to recharge in between. ASUS G71Gx Replacement Battery requires recovery, and with nickel- and Asus U46SV AI Recovery system, the electrochemical reaction is much faster than with lead acid. Read more about the Basics About Charging. Ah as a performance indicator works best at low discharge currents.


At higher loads, the internal resistance begins to play a larger role in the ability to deliver power. These two attributes are critical in digital devices that require long runtimes and must deliver high-current pulses. Ah alone is not a reliable runtime indicator Asus U46SV AI Recovery the relationship between capacity and the ability to deliver current can best be illustrated with the Ragone Chart. Named after David V. Ragone, the Ragone chart evaluates batteries not on energy alone but also represents power. The scale is logarithmic to allow a wide selection of battery sizes.

The dotted line represents Asus U46SV AI Recovery power demand of the digital camera. All three batteries have similar Ah rating: NiMH delivers the highest power but has the lowest specific energy. The Lithium Li-FeS2 offers the highest specific energy but has moderate loading conditions. Digital cameras and personal medical instruments suit the system well.

ASUS X99 Series Motherboards Review XDeluxe, XPro and XA

I didn't re-install a fresh copy of Windows7 I didn't have one anyway because I wanted to keep all updated drivers and the free Microsoft Office Starter you could neither buy nor re-install it yourself. I used Control Panel to uninstall bloatwares and use Windows Explorer to delete their remained entries in Program and other folders. I can't burn the files Asus U46SV AI Recovery make a backup Asus U46SV AI Recovery. I tried this on my U46SV but does not work: AI Recovery Burner says "Partition does not exist"Asus factory reset. Free Download Asus U46SV Notebook AI Recovery Utility (Other Drivers & Tools).

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