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Sound/isa/Kconfig v3.11

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Microphone, Power Amplifier ,Mixer,Speaker,audio equipment. Guangzhou Aoyace Audio Excel AV302 Appliances Factory. Dongguan Jindu Hardware Product Limited. Say Y here to include support for soundcards based on Opti. Say Y here to include support for Creative Sound Blaster 1. Say Y here to include support for Sound Blaster 16 soundcards.

CONFIG_SND_SC6000: Gallant SC-6000/6600/7000 and Audio Excel DSP 16

Say Y here to include support for the CSP core. The smaller size gives smaller latency but leads to more CPU consumption, too.


The size is usually aligned to With the older 2. The driver provides the auto-detection of known problematic devices, but some might be unknown or wrongly Audio Excel AV302.

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In such a case, pass the proper value with this option. When the kernel is configured Audio Excel AV302 ISA-PnP support, the modules supporting the isapnp cards will have module options isapnp. The ALSA drivers can be loaded automatically on demand by defining module aliases.

Usually, define this as the same card module. To enable the auto-loading of multiple cards, specify the number of sound cards in that option.

In this example, the interwave card is always loaded as the first card index 0 and ens as the second index 1. Alternative and new way to fixate the slot assignment is to use slots option Audio Excel AV302 snd module. In the case above, specify like the following:. Then, the first slot 0 is reserved for snd-interwave driver, and the second 1 for snd-ens The slots option is especially useful for avoiding the possible hot-plugging and the resultant slot conflict. For example, in the case above again, Audio Excel AV302 first two slots are already reserved. If any other driver e. The ALSA devices have either c or p suffix indicating the direction, capture and playback, respectively. Famous for their turntables and tonearms, Rega gear is designed and engineered to achieve outstanding performance and clean sound reproduction. Legendary for the sound produced through their speakers and headphones, Klipsch audio components can help music lovers experience their favorite songs in a new way.

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - Driver Configuration guide — The Linux Kernel documentation

Noted for their balance of dynamic contrast and harmonic expression, Wilson speakers have a global fan base and are considered by many industry pros to be some of the best loudspeaker models available. Quad audio components incorporate the latest audio technology with user-friendly advanced control software to match the demands of modern lifestyles. Audio Excel AV302Dynaco has stayed faithful to its original commitment to producing the highest quality sound reproduction possible while incorporating the latest developments in engineering into its designs. Dedicated to advancing techniques to create the best sound reproduction possible, Audio Research incorporates the latest technology as well as more traditional components to create digital components that achieve a truly balanced sound.

Dedicated to reproducing the best sound reproduction possible, Aurender offers audio enthusiasts user-friendly operations, convenience, simplicity, and exceptional sound quality.

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Designed to provide greater power handling and superior sound reproduction, Graham Audio offers a range of loudspeakers that can be suited for any sized room. Pass Labs INT KEF Blade Speaker. The detection of codec will fail if the driver is loaded after Audio Excel AV302 as described above. You might be able to force to load the module, but it may result in hang-up.


Hence, make sure that you load this module before X if you encounter this kind of problem. Module works with OAK Mozart cards as well.

The driver requires the firmware loader support on kernel. You need to install the firmware file riptide. It will allocate the buffers in advance when any RME cards are found. Module for bit SoundBlaster cards: Assume that we need to boot the OS default: Assume that the FX process needs help default: How long to wait without sleeping, usecs default: If you want to play around with it and find a better value, be my guest. Audio Excel AV302 8, - Download Audio Excel Audio excel AV driver for Sound card, different software versions available here. wexe, KB, Win 95 drivers for the Audio Excel AV302 Audio excel sound card avexe, KB, DOS - Win 3.x drivers for the AV Audio Excel sound card.

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