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You want to make sure that you route out a given interface if you already have the corresponding source address: Reader Rod Roark Edimax BR-6524K It will work for all processes running on the router itself, and for the local network, if it is masqueraded. If it is not, then you either have IP space from both providers or you are going to want to masquerade to one Edimax BR-6524K the two providers. In both cases you will want to add rules selecting which provider to route out from based on the IP address of the machine in the local network.

Load balancing The second question is how to balance traffic going out over the two providers. This is actually not hard if you already have set up split access as above. Would you kindly share some updates presumably there are some Edimax BR-6524K the options and pricing for TV and Internet in Ajijic? One of our concerns is the typical requirement to sign a contract for a year or two, as we probably would be in Ajijic for only part of the year to start.


What is your advice for us in this respect? Another Edimax BR-6524K of ours is about the Internet speed; in US with Verizon we are getting 25 Mbps download and upload; what is the highest Internet speed in Ajijic?

Do you know if they are related to the US Dish Network? The Dish Network here tells us that they Edimax BR-6524K handle the satellite dish installation for us in Mexico, which we find very difficult to believe. What is your experience or opinion about this kind of offer? Many thanks in advance for Edimax BR-6524K time and advice.

Dual WAN Dual ISP load balancing routers

Above all, thanks again for being so helpful! Best regards, Gloria http: They may be adding a comment related or unrelated to the article content.

Edimax BR-6524K So, the comment and my answer may be much more current than the article itself. Now, let me answer your questions: TV Options include a local Cable channel which has only limited English programing and serves a limited area mostly East and West along the highway that connects Chapala and Jocotepec.

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The two ports can be configured in a variety of ways. You can leave them both on, and load balance them against each other Edimax BR-6524K to Edimax BR-6524K percentages - for example, if you have a 1.

You could also set one up as the always-on primary, and the other as a secondary backup, which comes online only if the first one Edimax BR-6524K. The Edimax supports a comprehensive selection of broadband connection types.

Edimax BR-6524K Wireless LAN Broadband Router Firmware v1.44

We were using a 1. We Edimax BR-6524K found the web-management interface counter-intuitive, with the main navigation links hidden in the top-right corner.

The browser's Back button doesn't take you where you'd expect either. With multiple WAN connections and the BRK and BRK, you Edimax BR-6524K get the effective addition of the combined speeds for all users.

Edimax BR-6524K 4-Port 10/100 Wired Router

You will also get a. The BRK or BRK router Edimax BR-6524K each user in your office to gain the benefit of using all the bandwidth of the combined WAN lines.

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