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The mayor had been facing mounting public pressure over Cleveland police s failure to uncover Sowell s alleged house of horrors. Sture Bergwall was convicted of eight murders between and It was despite there being no forensic evidence or witness statementsyear-old claimed to have killed 30 people but recanted confessionsReleased from a secure psychiatric unit where he has been since Government launches inquiry into possible shortfalls in legal system By and A Swedish man who once was considered a psychopathic serial killer has been freed, after authorities found that his eight murder convictions were based on false confessions. Sture Bergwall was convicted of eight murders in a series of trials from to - despite there being no forensic evidence or witness statements - and confessed to more than 30 killings in total.

But the year-old later recanted his confessions, saying that he made them to get attention and drugs, and prosecutors dropped the final murder Gigabyte 8I845GVM-RZ F8 in July last year.

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Sture Bergwall was convicted of eight murders in a series of trials from to - despite there being no forensic evidence or witness statements - and confessed to more than 30 killings in total Gigabyte 8I845GVM-RZ F8, a court in Falun, Sweden, ordered his release from a secure psychiatric unit where he has been held since - ruling that he should continue to receive care, but no longer in a closed unit. Each of Bergwall s convictions was overturned after prosecutors said they had no other evidence linking him to the deaths, some of which may not even have been murders. He has been detained for 20 years in a locked psychiatric clinic.

It is Gigabyte 8I845GVM-RZ F8 miscarriage of justice, said his lawyer Thomas Olsson, adding that they will now start looking at whether to seek damages. Bergwall had been kept at the mental institution until now, waiting for a verdict on whether his mental health was good enough to let him out.

Gigabyte 8I845GVM-RZ - mainboard - micro ATX - i845GV

His case is one that has Gigabyte 8I845GVM-RZ F8 Sweden for years. Bergwall claimed he killed year-old Norwegian Trine Jensen left inand strangled prostitute Gry Storvik right in The Gigabyte 8I845GVM-RZ F8 launched a commission of inquiry last November looking into possible shortfalls in the legal system that may have resulted in Bergwall s convictions.


Gigabyte 8I845GVM-RZ F8 Each of Bergwall s convictions was overturned after prosecutors said they had no other evidence linking him to the deaths He relished his reputation as Sweden s answer to Hannibal Lecter and would happily regale anyone in ear shot with stories of Gigabyte 8I845GVM-RZ F8, mutilation, rape and cannibalism. His tales of how he strangled, stabbed, defiled and mutilated his victims captivated and horrified his homeland, cementing his standing as Sweden s most prolific and deranged serial killer. Some victims he claimed he stabbed, others he strangled and one he beat to death with a rock.

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Some he said he raped, others he chopped up and one he even claimed to have eaten. But what was constant throughout all his gruesome confessions was the detail with which he described the murders: He managed to hoodwink judges, psychiatrists, journalists and the Swedish public, until he decided to make his most staggering confession of all: His near forensic knowledge of many of the murders Gigabyte 8I845GVM-RZ F8 detectives and prosecutors that he must have committed the crimes. Nobody bothered to find out that he had studied the killings during regular trips to a local library on day trips from the asylum.

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Bergwall, a convicted sex offender and bank robber who at the time had changed his name to Thomas Quick, had already been locked up in the Sater hospital for a botched bank robbery. After persuading him to engage in a sexual act he said he strangled him, abused the body and cut it up with a saw in nearby Gigabyte 8I845GVM-RZ F8. He said he took a leg as a souvenir.

When the boy bent Gigabyte 8I845GVM-RZ F8 he smashed his head against the door and dragged him into his car. He drove the boy into the countryside, where he sexually assaulted then strangled him. He buried some of the organs, put the hands on the car s front seat, the head, legs and torso in plastic bags. He said what he did no t throw out of the window he took home Gigabyte 8I845GVM-RZ F8 ate. He said he stabbed the husband through the tent canvas and clambered inside.

He described the attack in extraordinary detail, accurately numbering how many times each victim was stabbed. He said her last words were: He then dismembered and buried her, returning a year later to burn the remains. Police later found a bone fragment that matched that of a young girl that appeared to have been cut by a sharp instrument Gigabyte 8I845GVM-RZ F8 the spot he identified. It was there, during a series of therapy sessions which he says were so uninteresting that he felt a failure even at that, that he realised for the first time how to make people sit up and take notice of him. He told GQ magazine in an interview last August how when he said his heavily-pregnant mother had walked in on his father sexually abusing him at the age of ten, the therapist s interest sparked up.

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Such was the shock at what his mother had seen, he claimed, that she miscarried the baby onto the bedroom floor. He told how the next day his father took him to bury the dead foetus in nearby woodland. As the therapist listened intently to his tale, for the first time he felt important. And within weeks he was telling staff he was behind one of Sweden s most famous unsolved murders - that of year-old Johan Asplund whose torso alone was found in As the months drew on he confessed to a host of other murders including that of a year-old boy in ; a year-old girl in ; Dutch husband and wife in ; a year-old female prostitute in ; and an Israeli student and a 9-year-old Norwegian girl in Of those eight murders he was convicted, despite claims of a lack of real evidence.

Retrials were ordered in each case, but prosecutors said that without the confessions they didn t have enough evidence to go back to court. Last July they dropped the final case, which involved the death of year-old boy who disappeared in northern Sweden in Bergwall was convicted in of murdering the boy, even though there was no technical evidence linking him to the crime and the cause of death could not be established. The lack of evidence to support the confessions led to some doubts over Bergwall s guilt, but a review by Sweden s Gigabyte 8I845GVM-RZ F8 of justice found no problems with the convictions. Two years later Bergwall recanted in a Swedish TV documentary, saying he had fabricated the story of Thomas Quick the serial killer. Supports MHz FSB Pentium® 4 Processor with HT TechnologySupport high performance DDR/ memoryProvides 6 USB ports for high-speed  Missing: F8.

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