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Previous generation Intel Xeon processors are not supported.

Intel Server Board SKP Product Family and Intel Compute Module HNSKP Product Family - PDF

Many of the features and functions of the server board family are common. A board will be identified by its name which has described features or functions unique to it.

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  • Intel Server Board S2600KP Product Family and Intel Compute Module HNS2600KP Product Family
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The riser slot 1 on the server board is designed for plugging in ONLY the riser card. Intel S2600KPF Server Board UEFI slot 3 cannot be used with the bridge board installed. Three types of bridge boards: The table only lists features that are unique to the compute module or different from the server board. The majority of the items identified are common in the product family. Compute Module Components 6 Revision 1.

Jumper Identification 8 Revision 1. Server Board Dimension Figure Variations are expected with real shipping products.

Firmware for Intel Board DG965WH

The half-width board size allows four boards to reside in a standard multi-compute module 2U Intel Intel S2600KPF Server Board UEFI Chassis HG product family, for high-performance and high-density computing platforms. The following diagram provides an overview of the server board architecture, showing the features and interconnects of each of the major subsystem components. It supports three dual rotor fan connections, 12V main power hot swap controller, and current sensing.

The power docking board is intended to support the usage of the compute module with the Intel Server Board SKP product family. Label A Description 2x7-pin fan control connector Revision 30 Product Features Overview Technical Product Specification B 8-pin connector for fan 1 C 2x6-pin main power output connector D 8-pin connector for fan 2 E pin connector for main power input F 8-pin connector for fan Bridge Board Figure Power Docking Board Intel S2600KPF Server Board UEFI There are four types of bridge boards that implement different features and functions.

Download Intel SKPF Server Board UEFI Firmware for OS Independent

One bridge board is used per one compute module. The bridge board is secured with screws to the compute module.

One bridge board is used per one Intel S2600KPF Server Board UEFI module, connecting Intel S2600KPF Server Board UEFI the bridge board slot and Riser Slot 3. Riser Card for Riser Slot 1 16 Revision 1. It is horizontallyinstalled to the riser slot 2 riser card. User can install the M. These components provide the necessary cooling and airflow. Compute Module Fans Note: If one of the compute module fans fails, it is recommended to replace the failed fan as soon as possible. Each fan within the compute module can support multiple speeds.

Fan speed may change automatically when any temperature sensor reading changes. The fan speed control algorithm is programmed into the server board s BMC.


Each fan connector within the module supplies a tachometer signal that allows the BMC to monitor the status of each fan. If one of the fans fails, the status LED on the server board will light up. The fan control signal is from the BMC on the mother board to the power docking board and then is distributed to three sets of dual rotor fans. The expected maximum RPM is 25, Air Intel S2600KPF Server Board UEFI Each compute module requires the use of a transparent plastic air duct to direct airflow over critical areas within the compute module. To maintain the necessary airflow, the air Intel S2600KPF Server Board UEFI must be properly installed. Before sliding the compute module into the chassis, make sure the air duct is installed properly.

Intel RMM4 Lite 2. The breakout board provides: Breakout Board Front and Rear View The breakout board has reserved holes for users to design their own bracket to fix the board into the server system. See the following mechanical drawing for details System Software Overview Figure The system software is pre-programmed on the server board during factory assembly, making the server board functional at first power-on after system integration.

Typically, as part of the initial system integration process, FRU and SDR data will have to be installed onto the server board Intel S2600KPF Server Board UEFI the system integrator to ensure the embedded platform management subsystem is Revision 40 Product Features Overview Technical Product Specification able to provide best Intel S2600KPF Server Board UEFI and cooling for the final system configuration. It is also not uncommon for the system software stack to be updated to later revisions to ensure the most reliable system operation. Intel makes periodic system software updates available for download at the following Intel website: Reference the following Intel documents for more in-depth information about the system software stack and their functions: The flash memory also contains firmware for certain embedded devices.

If the files were copied to a folder other than the root, Boot the Server to the uEFI shell. This can be accessed via the BIOS setup utility. Intel® Server Board SKP Family Firmware Update Package for EFI. BIOS, ME Firmware, BMC Firmware, and FRUSDR updates (; /).

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