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Seith 's review This content has been automatically translated from French Kurzweil KR 5 Bah, and here I have spent the last two years to glean a mythical machine that I never have being the youngster kr being the last, I now have a set in my Ensoniq ZR76a JDa Z1, Wavestation aa triton racka motif es rack sold, a dungand a Z8 akai emu e ultrathe prob is that because of kurzweil I'll sweeten the while keeping only the minimum, s 'therefore acts rack version with MB of RAM and optional pram, not Roma but I'll soon fix that. The edition is heard sounds complex but the size of the potential as a passion for synth I m ' clate. Le manual, I Tlcharger is available on the website of Kurzweil's is cool. SOUNDS Pooh is a Kurzweil K2600R, contrary to the advice here I can compare it with other machines in my possession and has not really hit kurzweil the photos I used in program mode and I record audio the sounds are ample, with Kurzweil K2600R large presence Becane much higher than other modern effects for my not yet fully understood but it sounds other than the verb of a pattern, bouarff!

The expresivite is excellent feeling even more games, enormous!

K2600R Overview

I like almost everything is at ease in all I guess when it was released it was serious in advance, I should say that j 'I had a keyboard motif are sold on a ground rack es, huge mistake because the rack has no dynamics, but for me the kurz is much better, warmer and more versatile. About Kurzweil K2600R factory, which can climb with optional boards contemporary, orchestral, vintage, GM compatibilty and Triple Strike piano. But cons, there are Oscillator oddly it difficult to put the machine in normal knees. Sampling option available Kurzweil K2600R KRS.


Wav or Akai format without the sampling option. The effects are a veritable slaughter KDFX and can even, with the sampling option or an option with ADAT output dbutas a motor only be used if external effects! Audio point of view, the default output Kurzweil K2600R in TRS.

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The synthse uses is called "VAST". Basically, imagine an old analog synth which, instead of manipulating sinusodales waves, square or noise, you can handle Kurzweil K2600R sample. So, any sound imaginable is reproducible. On each layer of sound, you can have a series of filters, distortions, treatment bizarrodes, all pilot by LFO 4 per layerenvelopes 5 per Kurzweil K2600Ror m me functions you crivez you even example: You can stack up to 32 layers for her.

You can cry And besides, everything is Kurzweil K2600R any: The OS v4 is super stable and prouv. I do not use relatively few. For those who are tired of making Kurzweil K2600R, he yamme program "Pong" in it, played with the knob of the give! Well, ok, ok, the usefulness is questionable More info here: Everything is like a, very good pens.

Edit possible from a PC with a sharware KEdit that allows any contrler since Kurzweil K2600R interface a little more friendly. There normment of synthso you find units Completely abstract Add a search engine patches!


If I reach this level of complaint is to say that ergonomics is also virtually irreproachable! I will first talk about the presets: Pink Floyd or Steve Wonder does indeed use more than their is to live - and pink is to use only their recordings. You have already seen a Roland or Korg be irreproachable on pianos with no options, Kurzweil K2600R


Try the piano Triton, for example: The advantage is that you do not need to kill your keyboard or your finger to make rolls: Another benefit, the hi-hat change their behavior when you press the pedal sustain: The Kurzweil K2600R of the machine are trs good, but And you have the door pulls fingers, the Kurzweil K2600R is irreproachable and the infinite palette of sounds. The worst thing is that you can even mulate machines that do not exist by imagining how such a B3 would sound if he had put piano chords!

In fact, the presets are variations of the basic waveforms of the machine. Once you understand this principle, Kurzweil K2600R chantillonner anything and with relatively little Kurzweil K2600R of edition, you can get about the results bluffing. For example, I reprogramm all electric pianos for ultra-thin behavior, the subtle distrosions trs, etc.

The sounds of synthesis, ditto: I succeded reproduce my good old MS on the machine, with all zippers imaginable. The sound is rich, powerful, full of dynamic, full of subtleties Kurzweil K2600R niceties. Everything is in jouabilit and contrle of parameters.

Kurzweil K Vintage Synth Explorer

Basically, when we imagine a sound, sr we can get the machine to recreate on the price of Kurzweil K2600R little programming effort, without having to forcment the Sampling. We motor 8 effect blocks called KDFX. This is one of the diffrences between the K and K on the option exists on the K, but it is overpriced.

There is, I believe, several hundred blocks effects: Quickly, we realize we do not have enough brains to go around the possibilities of the thing! Through Kurzweil K2600R optional ADAT approx.

Product: KR Kurzweil

Kurzweil K2600R at the price:KR Features. Models: KR: 3-space rackmount. KRS: 3-space rackmount w/ sampling. Display: 64 x fluorescent backlit display. Polyphony: The #Kurzweil #Forte ready for the next Abel Pintos show. Learn more about the upcoming V4 update for the Forte at

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