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The bottom half is made of see-through red plastic to show off the light that shines brightly inside when the mouse is moved and the optical recognition system kicks in a smaller red light flashes inside all the time when the computer is on.

: Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical - Review

The mouse has the standard pair of main buttons, as well as a clickable scroll wheel and a small button near the base for your thumb. The buttons have a good, snappy click Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical, without the annoying sponginess that some mice exhibit.


The wheel also has a clicking action as it rolls, so you can accurately gauge how many lines you're scrolling down in a document, for example. Story continues below advertisement The Wheel Mouse Optical fits only the right hand and I found it exceptionally comfortable. It has a nice groove for the thumb with a rubberized pad for a non-slip grip, and the chassis is designed with a slight tilt that raises your thumb up at an angle compared to where your pinkie rests in order to take the strain off your wrist. The keyboard and mouse both Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical to the computer through a tiny radio receiver with a range of about six feet.

I plugged the small receiver into the mouse and keyboard ports, installed the software, and was finished within about two minutes. Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical

Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical - keyboard and mouse set Overview - CNET

I did have one problem early on with the radio reception. The keyboard would spontaneously type three or four characters instead of Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical from time to time, and at others it wouldn't recognize keystrokes. I solved the problem by moving the receiver a few feet away from any electronic devices I think some radio-frequency leakage from one of the components in my PC may have interfered with it. It allows you to customize all of the special function buttons on the keyboard and mouse in seconds from drop-down lists, and has some neat time-savers and ease-of-use features, too.

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When you hit a shortcut key, for example, the software displays things such as the name of the Web site you are loading, the media player your are using or changes to the volume level in green lettering on the screen. It allows you to scroll up and down or zoom in and out of documents and Web pages Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical reaching for the mouse, and a couple of buttons below the wheel can be programmed to take you to favourite Web sites or handle common browser functions such as "forward" and "back. When the cursor is in the Windows desktop, the wheel toggles you through any active programs and can double as a volume control. Along the top of the Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical is a set of special programmable function buttons the functions can be set easily through the software bundled with the keyboard.

The buttons have been updated slightly from the set on the original Cordless Freedom. The right-hand cluster defaults to iTouch the configuration system for the keyboard's buttonsa Web search engine, a Web shopping site, the list of your browser's bookmarked "favourite" sites, and your Web home page. In the centre at the top of the keyboard is a cluster of multimedia controls.

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A large dial controls the volume from the PC's sound card, and surrounding it are buttons to launch sound and video players, as well as play, stop, mute, fast-forward and rewind buttons. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement To make life easier, Logitech has labeled the front edge of keys that activate special operating system or program functions when the control key is held down ie. The "c" key is labeled "Copy," the "v" key is labeled "Paste," and so on. New to this version of the keyboard is an F-lock, which works like a Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical key to double the functions the F1 through F12 keys can handle.

With the F-lock off, they are just normal F-keys. With it turned on, they default to functions such as sending, Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical or replying to e-mail, opening the My Document and My Pictures folders, and so on. There is a detachable wrist-rest, and the keyboard itself is extremely thin - what Logitech calls a "Zero-Degree Tilt" design.

This mouse has a fixed barrier all around it, and the outer contour area of the mouse is actually fixed area. Minor complaint, but it does bug me a bit. And, you are all right.

TL Aug 4,4: Two words of Wisdom. At first, I thought the keyboard was defective. It turns out that the cheap aren't they always?

It makes typing feel more comfortable. Normally, I would always like the keyboard tilted, but now this is really comfortable to type on.

I've had some Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical with the keyboard, but I think it's my computer's fault, when the computer is busy it won't pick up the iTouch buttons but it will pick up the normal keys I think this is because the iTouch keys rely on the program As for the mouse, it takes about min to adjust to it, and after 30 min, I didn't notice it. It takes a Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical to get used to it because of the shape, and the weight. I was used to the shape of Microsoft's Explorer mouse, so it took me a while. The mouse has a scroll wheel, and a side button right under your thumb. This mouse is only for right-handed people! I've tried using it with my left and you just can't. The mouse is great, it picks up the movement really well, it looks cool, and it's just fun to try it out on different surfaces.

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