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Click on that so that you are seeing its Magic Pro MP-7VIP-A on the right hand pane you should see, among other folders, "Windows" and "Program Files". At the top, click "New Folder" and name the new folder something easy, like "Mavic".

Double click on the new folder so you are seeing inside it--should be empty on the rightand click save. Run Dumlracer to Root your Mavic: Turn on your Mavic and connect it by USB to your computer. In the Windows search box on the start menu, type "cmd". Right-click on it and select "Run as an Administrator", responding yes and entering an admin user and password if necessary to any security prompts. In the black Command box that appears, type "CD C: The prompt should change to show you are in that folder. You should see the "Dumlracer. It's not uncommon for there to only be one port in the list. If there is only one, you can safely choose it--if it's not your Mavic, the program will simply fail.

If there is more than one listed and you are unsure which is Magic Pro MP-7VIP-A Mavic, type E to exit, disconnect your Mavic from your computer, and then run the above command again.

VIA KT333 chipset motherboard based Award BIOS IDs

Whatever is missing from the new list was your Mavic. Type "E" again, reconnect your Mavic, and run Dumlracer again. With DJI Assistant open, run the command again.

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Once you have identified Magic Pro MP-7VIP-A correct port, exit DJI Assistant if it is running and then enter the bracketed number for the port to which the Mavic is connected. Now wait for Dumlracer to do its magic. Dumlracer has to run two races against the Android OS.


This will take several minutes to complete. When Dumlracer completes, shutdown your Mavic.

Keep the Command Prompt window open, you're going to use it in just a moment. Android is owned and maintained by Google. ADB is the official Google software used by Magic Pro MP-7VIP-A app developers to run commands in Android from a computer.

We are going to use it to check if we have root and, later, to remove the NFZ files from the Mavic. Like Dumlracer, you do not so much install ADB as download and put it somewhere where you can run it. But, unlike Dumlracer, ADB is a bunch of files and folders that all need to be together to work. So, we will download Magic Pro MP-7VIP-A as a zip file and then extract it to our "C: Save the zip file to wherever you normally like to keep your downloads. Change the extraction location to "C: Then, in Windows File Explorer, navigate to "C: Inside you will see a folder entitled "platform-tools". Right click on the folder and rename it "ADB".

Test Root with ADB: Start your Mavic back up and wait until it has reconnected to your computer usually a browser window will open showing the external SD card contents.

The prompt should now show "C: Then type the following command: To double check, type "ls" after the pound or hashtag. A long list of folders on the Magic Pro MP-7VIP-A, starting with "amt" should show. At the hashtag prompt type "exit" and press return to exit the adb shell and return to the command prompt.

Magic Pro MP-7VIP-DM Free Driver Download for Windows XP, , ME, 98SE - WDM_Aexe

Go ahead and exit the Command prompt and shut down your Mavic. Rolling Back and Forth with Our Firmware: So we're Magic Pro MP-7VIP-A now to install FW 1.

We can't do this using Magic Pro MP-7VIP-A Assistant. MAGIC-PRO MP-7VIP-A. MHz DDR(Double Data Rate) transfer on Athlon CPU address and data buses. Supports full AGP v capability for maximum. View and Download Magic-Pro MP-7VIP-A user manual online. Magic-Pro Computer MP-7VIP-A Motherboard User's Manual.


MP-7VIP-A Motherboard pdf.

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