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Press the joystick key toslide out the camera. With the slider baryou can set the time to up to minutes in increments of 5minutes. If set to 0 minutes, the Sleep Timer is switched off.

Youcan always switch off your TV earlier or reset the time duringthe countdown. Also, if the TV does not receive aTV signal nor a remote control command for 10 minutes, theTV switches off automatically.

Click inside the slider bar to adjustthe value. The value 0 Off deactivates the automatic switch off.

The icon is shown in front of Switch Off Timer when it isactive. For more information on environmentally friendly TV settings,press the Philips VOIP3211S77 Internet Phone key Keywords and look up Eco Settings. Pauseto pause playback Stopto stop playback Rewindto rewind Fast forwardto go fast forward Recordto start recording3 - AmbilightTo switch Ambilight on or off and to switch Ambilight on inStandby. Blue keyopens Help. To close a menu without changing a setting. To leave an interactive TVapplication. To activate Pointer and click. Bottom - VolumeTo adjust the volume level. To start thenext or previous chapter on a disc. The Pointer works like a computer mouse. You move thePointer a blue arrow by slightly moving the remotecontrol.

As for a computer mouse, you can adjust the speed ofthe Pointer. Next to the Pointer, you can always use the arrow keys to makea selection, the Pointer will temporarily disappear. The TV will automatically switch backto the arrow keys for navigation. If you do not wish to use the Pointer, you can switch it off.

If you connect a Gamepad, you can also use the Gamepad tocontrol the Pointer. Using the PointerActivateWhen you open a screen or application that supports Pointercontrol, an inactive Pointer will appear. A greyish arrowtip somewhere in the middle of the screen. Put your thumb on the OK key do not press it to activatethe Pointer.

Now move the remote control from the wrist, noneed to move your arm. You can let go of the OK key and leavethe Pointer where it is. The Pointer will disappear after 5seconds. You can move the remote control and call Philips VOIP3211S77 Internet Phone thePointer when you put your thumb back on the OK key. To wake up the Pointer, put your thumb on the OK key andbriefly jiggle the remote control.

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ClickingTo select what you need, hover over the item with the Pointerand press click the OK key. As you do with a computermouse. To press a key while using the Pointer1 - Place the Pointer on top of the item on screen a channel inthe Channel List for example. Arrow NavigationIf you press an arrow key left, right, up or down to navigate,the Pointer disappears. The TV switches to arrow key navigation. RepositionThe Pointer might get disoriented after a while. To repositionthe Pointer, lift your thumb, point the remote control at the bluearrow on screen Philips VOIP3211S77 Internet Phone put your thumb back on the OK key.


To adjust the speed1 - Press and press left Setup. Put yourthumb on the OK key to test the speed of the Pointer. The TV must be connected to the Internet. You can tell the TV to tune to a specific channel or to startwatching an ongoing programme from the TV Guide. You canuse Voice anytime to search Philips VOIP3211S77 Internet Phone whatever you are looking for onthe Internet. Alternatively, you can say the name of an App tostart it on TV. You canspeak for 10 seconds before the microphone switches off.

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Feb Philips VOIP3211S77 Internet Phone, - Free Download Philips VOIPS/77 Internet Phone Driver for Vista (Other Drivers & Tools). An official Others software for the Other Drivers & Tools device. Update the Philips VOIPS/77 Internet Phone Driver for Vista drivers so that device can.

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