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This document provides a brief summary of the BDR and DVD media manufacturers that Pioneer tested and determined to be compatible with the listed writer. Test results show Pioneer BDR-205 ODD drives have similar speeds for BD media and can write at speeds of up 1 on 1 DVD media.

However, this list does not guarantee that the drive will write at the maximum speed in all situations. So basically, my old burner can write discs of better quality than my new BDR, right? I mean, I find it incredibly odd that both my writers can correctly write the sd file, but Pioneer BDR-205 ODD newer BDR cannot write a good sd2old file. Supposedly, the sd is harder to write than the sd2old, so how is it that even possible? So is there a better method for easily testing how advanced the burn quality of a drive is? The small secondary cable is not needed.

If using only one USB connector, the main USB connector must be used, not the secondary connector short cable that is attached to the main connector. There is a lever on the bottom of the drive. Moving the lever back will cause Pioneer BDR-205 ODD cover to open even when there is no power applied to the drive. The setup will abort. Many spindles of media do require burning at lower than rated speed to come close to a book spec burn.

Most people are not using the highest quality media. Most people who are using Pioneer BDR-205 ODD quality media and following your advice will pop their overspeed burned disc in their drive a year from now and find it unreadable. Does that make you feel good about yourself?


My reference to Riteks was simply to try to help save people from coastering their BR2's in spite of your Pioneer BDR-205 ODD guess that they might be good enough to overspeed. And the friend that is seeing poor quality with BR2 at rated speed is the moderator for an optical media forum. He actually does know what he's talking about.


There's no mystery behind the short longevity of Riteks. Anyone with some knowledge of Pioneer BDR-205 ODD media and burners knows better than to advise people to burn their media as fast as they can. It would be irresponsible.


I've lost count of the times I've helped a forum member stop burning coasters by manually setting their burn speed lower and not letting their burning software choose a higher speed. Your superstitions about changing error rates are cute: I have a friend who swears he gets better burns when he's wearing his dark blue pinstriped shirt. Harmless fun, I suppose. Rich86 25th March I just burned the 1st disc out of the spindle of Pioneer BDR-205 ODD replacement media from Inland. But what is that "certain speed"? Today burning CDs at less than 24x I'm not sure is possible. At least without hacking the Pioneer BDR-205 ODD.


Hence, that "certain speed" is a moving target. Ghitulescu 25th March I think it's 8x or 10x for most burners. The only new CD-burners that allowed 4x or god forbid: NEW is a relative term, but in this context it refers to the last generations of pure CD-burners. The latest generations of DVD-burners did not allow anything Pioneer BDR-205 ODD 4x if not 6x, even with 1x, 2x or 4x rated media. Writable media should never be burned above their rated speed.

DVDFab Forum - VSO Burning Engine vs. Imgburn

Even their rated speed is sometimes nothing than gambling, especially with budget manufacturers or distributors, as they tend to give some fantasy values marketing. My philosophy has always been to select a burn speed in the middle of the burners Pioneer BDR-205 ODD and rated media ex. This approach has served me well, so far although I find with some BD-R Pioneer BDR-205 ODD, my drive seems to insist on using 4x burn speed with 4x media - but it works ok.

DVDean 26th March Glad to hear it. Free Download Pioneer BDR BD/DVD/CD Drive Firmware BDR BD/DVD/CD Drive Firmware BDR ODD Firmware Pioneer.

Pioneer BDR ODD Firmware CD/DVD driver download from brothersoft drivers.

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