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Presentation Transcript Slide 1: VR-Zone Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks.

Apple slash first-generation iPad prices Source: Well, we have took the liberty of summerising what has happened at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco for your reading pleasure. Many didn'texpecthimtoturnupduetohisdeterioratinghealth,but he did. This is not surprising since the new iPad 2 will hold the same prices as the original iPad's launch price. Apple's March 2nd media event Roundup Source: March 2nd, Besides having over publishers in iBookstore, Random House will joining the iBookstore today, bringing another 17, books to the iBookstore catalog.

Asus motherboard owners, how does Asus AI Charging work, what port is it?

According to Jobs, Apple should have the "most accounts with credit cards anywhere on the internet". VR-Zone Apple has announced its iPad 2 and overall it's upgrades all around with a new dual core A5 processors, much faster graphics, lower weight, slimmer profile and of course the much wanted cameras.

That's pretty much what everyone was hoping for and Apple has left out surprisingly little for an iPad 3upgrade,butwe'resurethey'llfiguresomethingouttoattract people's attention next year. Apple has announced its iPad 2 and overall it's upgrades all around with a new dual core A5 processors, much faster graphics, lower weight, slimmer profile and of course the much wanted cameras. The A5 processor is still ticking away at 1GHz, but it now has two cores and the graphics core is said to offer up to nine timestheperformancecomparedtotheoriginaliPad.


Therear camera will shoot p video at 30fps, while the front camera is stuck at VGA quality at 30fps. Amazingly Apple has managed to slim down the iPad 2 to a mere 8. Evenso,we'relookingatthesame10hbatterylife for the Wi-Fi models, or in the case of the 3G models, 9h. The screen remains the same as on the old model, in other words we're still looking at a 9. Some features that have been carried over includes Apple launches the iPad 2 Source: Mexico, Australia and New Zealand Sapphire PURE Black X79N ASMedia 104x USB 3.0 the 25 of March.

March 2nd, same time as it's connected to an HDMI screen or projector. It supports p video mirroring, but oddly enough Apple states that it'll only play back H. The dongle doesn't look like the most solid piece of equipment to ever come out of Apple and it's really quite an awkward way to connect the iPad to an HDMI equipped display device.

Asus ATI Radeon HD 4870X2 EAH4870X2 TOPHTDI2GPresentation Description
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Thecoverfoldsupin three and can be used as a stand. Most of the rumours about the iPad 2 didn't come true, as we didn'tgetahigherresolutionscreen,nobuiltinSDcardreader and most definitely no Thunderbolt support, but even so, it looks like Apple has managed to a pretty good job in updating its tablet. Apple will be offering them in both white and black from day one, which is another first for the iPad 2. AvailabilityintheUSisMarch11 th followedbyEurope,Japan, th Apple didn't announce availability dates for other markets. Is it as fast as it is rumored to be?


A kind reader has dropped us some scores which do look in line with all the current GTX Ti specifications bits pieced together. Things look pretty ugly in 3DMark 11 though. Clock speeds in excess of MHz are said to be attainable and that will send the 3DMark 11 score past P on a well-overclocked 'Sandy Bridge' system. With an expanded 3 Slide 4: March 2nd, product portfolio, ASUS hopes to fulfill its promise of providing choices for everyone. VR-Zone Sapphire PURE Black X79N ASMedia 104x USB 3.0 to monitor and optimize clock speed, voltage and fan speed to achieve extreme levels of performance.

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Everything that made the Rampage III Extreme so great is back, but with a stylish black-themed design, plus many hardware and software improvements. Apple Online Store down Sapphire PURE Black X79N ASMedia 104x USB 3.0 of iPad media event Source: It is a standard operating procedure for the iPhone and iPad makerstobringtheironlinestoresdownaheadofmajorevents and new product releases. So we can safely say that this is Apple's way of telling us that they are going to introduce something new to their online store. The next-generation iPad is expected to announce within the next few hours.

Stay with us as we bring you the latest developement from Apple's special media event.

/n/sources/plan9/lib/pci - Plan 9 from Bell Labs

The two boards arequitedifferentintermsofwhattheyofferthoughandwe're pretty sure that these are only two of the first boards of many to come. Bear in mind that this is a budget board and it won't compete with the H67 boards in terms of features.

The two boards arequitedifferentintermsofwhattheyofferthoughandwe're ASRock decided to show off its Z68 board as CeBIT too and it actually looks like one of the better boards that have been shownsofar. We'renotentirelysoldonthecolourscheme,but that's really a minor issue considering that ASRock appears to have loaded up the Z68 Extreme4 with pretty much every feature you could need or want. Slot wise the board has three x16 PCI Express slots, of which of course the second one is of the switchable x8 type while the third slot only has four lanes worth of bandwidth.

SAPPHIRE PURE Black X79N (PB-CI7X79N) Drivers Download

There are also headersfortwoUSB3. This board should be very affordable and a great match with the upcoming Sandy Bridge Pentium and Celeron processors expected later this year. We also noted a PLX bridge chip on the board that we're not quite certain what the purpose of it is.

Developed for the Enthusiast, the SAPPHIRE PURE Black X79N is Support PURE Platinum A55V - Add CPU ratio adjust for X79 USB Charge Driver. The SAPPHIRE Pure Black FX is a full ATX sized board making full use of There are four USB ports (two at the rear and two on a header supported by.

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