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So, if you still play CDs and dream of having a single Sony BDP-S1 disc player, sorry Charlie. Second, while there are analog outputs, they are 5.

Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray Disc Player: Short Take Sound & Vision

However, with PS3's flexible, upgradeable architecture it's possible that a future system software update could remedy this. These are the most pertinent facts about the BDP-S1 as Sony BDP-S1 see them, so look for our Sony BDP-S1 review to learn more detail about the ins and outs and configuration flexibility and setup of this BD player.

Starting with starting the player, with Sony BDP-S1 direct connection to the Pearl it consistently takes the BDP-S1 between 35 and 40 seconds to boot up to the player's on-screen menu. Yes- not only can PS3 power up that fast, if it's powered down you can insert a BD or DVD into the drive and it will have the disc's menu loaded in under ten seconds. The Samsung can now load discs as fast as 20 seconds, but no more than Lightning McQueen it ain't.

Sony BDP-S1 Blu-Ray Player

Before getting off of disc access and usability, the BDP-1 is good, Sony BDP-S1 again slower than the PS3 with chapter skips Sony BDP-S1 moving through the pop-up disc menus that come up with the movie running full motion. There's a moment's hesitation with the standalone player, while the PS3 just flies.


Also, scanning back and forth is choppy, and the BDP-S1 pauses the image for a second or two at first, and sometimes pauses to a still during a scan forward or backward. In these few early days, the BDP-S1 has locked up on the menus for X-Men United, requiring me to reload the disc, and Sony BDP-S1 times during scanning through scenes has locked into slow motion instead of regular speed, and has sometimes skipped several chapters instead of one at a time. But these things are worth noting because I think we all want next-gen players that are as suave in all regards as our DVD players are, Sony BDP-S1 so far, with the exception of mighty PS3, we're just not there yet.

These images were Sony BDP-S1 with detail and dimension, and rock solid in their ability to hold up Sony BDP-S1 finest details without artifacts of any kind. And the player was also outstanding in presenting the fine grain structure present in many of these transfers, which is fine and difficult to present without it looking like an artifact.

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The BDP-S1 Sony BDP-S1 outpaces the Sony BDP-S1 Samsung player with superior resolution of the finest details, and a smoother and subtly more three-dimensional image. Keep in mind that as delivered in August, there was no contest. In many case, differences this subtle are difficult to ferret out, and probably fade to irrelevance on smaller screens.


Hell, so far they border on irrelevance on Sony BDP-S1 80" screen! Let's talk about 24p. First, I have to admit that I'm apparently just not sensitive to judder.

I do believe that things looked smoother overall, and less herky-jerky, but at the risk of losing my Sony BDP-S1 eye credentials I admit I could be imagining it. No matter how many scenes I looked at how many times I couldn't consistently pick up anything the judder was doing.

Sony BDP-S1

And this is with Sony's Pearl displaying the 24p at a flicker-free 96fps. There is a disclaimer in the supplied owners manual to this effect. The player will save your selections allowing for customization of your outputs. The Sony BDP-S1 HDMI connection is version 1. This feature is not capable of being added later. The BDP-S1's analog and component video outputs differentiate it from most Blu-ray Disc players manufactured after the early s, as all Blu-ray Disc players manufactured after no longer Sony BDP-S1 equipped with analog or component video outputs in order to deter video piracy.

When the unit is fully powered up, playback is faster, taking approximately fifty to seventy seconds from disc insertion.

Sony BDP-S1 BDP-S p Blu-ray Disc Player ( Model) Sony BDPS Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi (Black) SONY X - UHD - 2D/3D - SACD - Wi-Fi - Dual HDMI - 2K/4K - Sony BDP-S1 Free Blu Ray Disc DVD. The Sony BDP-S1 is a first generation Blu-ray Disc (BD) player and is the first such player released in North America. It was originally scheduled for release in  ‎Overview · ‎Network capabilities · ‎Audio and video output · ‎Load times.

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